Phoenix Against the World Chapter 2 – Across (2)

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Translator: Blaze
Editor: cdadmode

She took out the gun, pushing the people in front of her aside as she stepped forward.

“How dare you push me? Do you know……ah! There is a gun!”

An arrogant beauty pushed by her, saw that she had a gun in her hands and suddenly shrieked.

The auctioneer on stage is very well trained. Hearing the sound, she immediately guarded the black jade and began to leave.

However, as fast as she was, could she be any faster than Huang Bei Yue’s gun?

With her hand raised, pulling the trigger, a bullet passed through the crowd straight into the forehead of the beautiful auctioneer. She did not even have time to cry out, but died immediately.

Holding the black jade in her hand, dark black eyes revealed a cold, proud and sharp expression.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

By the time the well-trained bodyguards reacted, Huang Bei Yue had already turned and hautily walked out.

These other ants, she couldn’t be bothered to stain her hands.

“Huang Bei Yue, The Beasts Without Boundaries really brought you here!” A cold voice sounded behind her.

Hearing this Bei Yu brow arched. This voice, without turning around, she already knew who it was.

Lance, her rival from south America had been attempting to kill her for five whole years.

Did he still not understand, the gap between them?

Her cold face showed little expression as she put the thing called The Beasts Without Boundaries into a bag.

“Huang Bei Yue, you’d better surrender without a fight. More than 200 countries have issued a kill order for you. You cannot escape!”

Lance looked at the back of Huang Bei Yue. Although his tone is cold, there’s a hint of unwillingness to it.

“After I surrender, how would your country treat me?” Huang Bei Yue asked turning around, her eyes indifferent and cold.

“With your talent and ability, the country will utilize you the same way!” Lance took the opportunity to say. If they could put this stunning and domineering woman for their own purpose, that would be the best outcome!

“What a joke” was the cold response.

Looking into Huang Bei Yue ridicule filled eyes, Lance couldn’t help but sigh.

“Things that year ……”

“Shut up!” Huang Bei Yue’s dark cold eyes were suddenly filled with a little more hatred.

Back then, her parents had been loyal to the organization, through fire and water, but what became of it? In the end, they were obliterated!

After death, they were still burdened with the charges of ‘traitor’!

These bloody facts have tortured her day and night. Every night she will be awakened by her hatred!

She proudly lifted her head. While speaking, the auction hall has been surrounded by special forces with countless gun muzzles pointed at her.


Beneath her showy red hair, her face stunning and unparalleled. Although her expression was cold, it still had the power to amaze people.

Smiling sweetly, many people lost their god (mind).

“Be careful!” Lance shouted. Seeing Huang Bei Yue’s smile, he became absent minded for a moment, but soon sobered up.
However, he was a step too late!

Huang Bei Yue had already wrung the neck of one of the special force’s men and quickly arrived on the deck of the cruise ship.


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