Phoenix Against the World Chapter 3 – Respect the Strong (1)

“Lance, if you want to catch me, you’re still a hundred years too early!”

She was this world’s most outstanding assassin. She could gather clouds and turn them to rain with a flip of her hand. There was nothing she couldn’t do! In addition, other than N who was unwilling to fight her, no one was able to become her enemy!

As she lifted her hand, a huge black eagle flew down from the night sky. The eagle’s sharp gaze was so chilling, the people who saw it were terrified!

Sharp claws gripped Huang Bei Yue’s arm, the huge wings extended and immediately carried her up into the horizon!

The fire red hair bellowed into the dark of the night!

At this time on the cruise ship, many heavy machine guns are crazily firing at her.

Lance walked to the deck, watching her elfin figure retreating into the sky. Turning to the person beside him, he asked “Is it ready?”

“Sir, the preparations are ready! The executives above have decided to sacrifice the city in order to kill Huang Bei Yue!”

Lance looked up at the distant sky, his expression disappointed: “I have said it before that one day, you will pay for that arrogant and cold-blooded attitude Bei Yue!”

His heart felt a sharp pain. I’ve spent so many years hunting you, and every time I could not do it.

But this time, it really was farewell……

Ten minutes later, in a border city located in the Jiangsu Province, a huge explosion suddenly occurred, a huge mushroom cloud lighting up the night sky brightly!

Fortunately, the residents of the city had been evacuated in advance, so no one was injured.

When the explosion occurred, a strange black light fiercely shot out of the mushroom cloud. It was shaped as a huge black dragon that suddenly rushed into the sky!

*************Bei Yue Dynasty**********

Nan Yi country

In the capital late at night, nobody felt the black and evil atmosphere, like ten thousand beasts stampeding towards the ancestral hall in the Fu (home) of the First Princess.

In the dark room, lit by a dim candle, a pair of cold dark eyes slowly opened.

Looking at the swaying flame, the cold pupils did not move for a while. After a long time, Huang Bei Yue slowly digested the secondary memory in her mind.

Moaning weakly, she had to accept the fact—she…..had transmigrated!

Huang Bei Yue was the daughter of the current Emperor’s sister, The Di Princess Hui Wen. She had such a prominent identity but was considered the joke of the entire Nan Yi Country.

Cowardly, ignorant, incapable of martial arts, and was a sickly person.

The Imperial Physician said she would not live past eighteen.

Not only that, she was considered a fool. She was the only Di Princess, but allowed her Shu (concubine born) brothers and sisters to bully her worse than a slave.

With a domineering aunt and her father’s cold indifference, her status had plummeted starting four years ago with the passing of Princess Hui Wen (her mother).

This time, because she spoke the wrong words and offended her father’s favorite concubine, she was sent into the ancestral hall to kneel for a day and night, without food drink.

This body had always been weak and sickly from childhood, so asking her to kneel was the same as demanding her life.

But no one thought that by lucky coincidence, the person known as the “Ultimate Weapon” Huang Bei Yue would be transmigrated into this twelve-year-old body.

Slowly standing up from the cold ground, Huang Bei Yue glanced around the ancestral hall of Princess Wen Hui. Finding the memorial tablet, she didn’t know whether it was the lighting, but she felt that faint light flashes were coming from the tablet.

It was as if a warm kind gaze was on her.


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