Phoenix Against the World Chapter 1 – Across (1)

Hello all. I picked this one up for a personal friend. I still have the list of novels given and when we have another translator/more time we shall get to it.

This was previously translated to chapter 6. I am re translating so it suits my style more but I will put the link to the OG Translation if you want to go read it there.

OG translation:  Chap 1

If even the heavens are blocking me from him

Then I can only go……Against the Heavens!

Where you are is where my heart belongs


Shanghai, China 2012

Under the night sky, the Huangpu River in Shanghai was decorated on both banks with lights, bright and dazzling as the city celebrated with song and dance.

1535 feet above ground, from the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the stars look spectacular and magnificent in the sky.

No one can see that atop that place, there was a girl wearing a long black trench coat, her arms across her chest as she coldly stared at the Huangpu River, her eyes following the slow moving cruise ship


On that world class luxury cruise ship, an auction held by the Japanese Kitano Foundation is currently under way. There were innumerable priceless treasures were currently being auctioned.

Japanese things were her favorite thing to steal.

Getting to the cruise ships location on foot would be too slow. Her beautiful lips hooked upwards slightly, her toes pointed, and as her slim figure leapt up, a pair of huge black wings flared open from her back!

The grey clouds faintly exposed the crescent moon, the reflection displaying the girls figure, her fiery red hair, her eyes shone like polish, but had a uncanny aura to them.

Her litle frame paused in the air for a moment, then suddenly sprang towards the cruise ship on the river, lightning fast!

In a blink of an eye, the petite figure quietly landed on the ship.

To avoid being found out by the guards, the pair of wings suddenly turned into a fierce eagle that flew into the night.

As several guards walked over, Huang Bei Yue moved like a cat and quickly passed behind them, entering into the auction hall.

Inside, the hall is elegant and luxurious. Even the small vase ornaments are Song Dynasty blue and white porcelain.

Currently, an item was being sold. The price was so astronomically high for a single crown that for Huang Bei Yue it was simply crazy!

She wasn’t willing to spend so much money, if she wanted something, she would directly take it.

“Distinguished guests, for today’s finale, we have a mysterious ancient jade from the East called ‘The Beasts Without Boundaries’.”

The gorgeous chief auctioneer was holding an exquisite circular jade tray. If just the tray was worth hundreds of millions, what kind of treasure needed such precious jade to set it off?

“This piece of large black jade is carved with thousands of animal figures. The work is vivid and lifelike showing the exquisite workmanship. Legend has it that this piece of black jade has mysterious powers. It can help you transcend life and death, reversing time and space.”


The audience began laughing. In the end, it turned out that it was such marvelous piece of black jade, but there was nothing extraordinary about.

In this current technologically advanced age, who would believe such bizarre nonsense?

Instead of looking at the black jade, it is better to look at the beautiful auctioneer instead. Really ah, that figure, that face. Tsk, tsk. As the men looked, their lower bodies urged them incessantly while the women were unable to suppress their jealously.

The auctioneer’s alluring body was wrapped in soft chiffon, her abundant chest on the verge of coming out. The beauty bent down holding the jade plate to allow the people to view the mysterious black jade.

But this time, who would be looking at the jade?From the start, the men’s mouths have been watering as they stared at the half exposed cleavage. They simply could not wait for the opportunity to rush up and ruthlessly ravage her!

Really now, such a group of idiots. Such a precious treasure and nobody actually knew.

Huang Bei Yue coldly sneered, from the moment she entered, she could feel a powerful magneticism coming from black jade.

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