Chapter 188 – Do You Like This?

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Glitter like sequins explode and surround Lu Ting Xiao like a mushroom cloud. A moment later, Lu Ting Xiao’s head and clothes are covered with them.

Staring closely will show that what blasted out and is littered over him are a lot of shiny things. On closer look, they seem to be diamonds………

This familiar way of sending things, there’s no need to even ask who it is.

This is just too wicked.

Others spend money to hit people, what’s it for him to use diamonds to hit people. (Must be nice, I want to be on that level XD)

Although the number of carats aren’t large, but having so many together, someone can be make it into a ring. This would cause hundreds of thousands of men to come and propose.

Not only is Lu Ting Xiao covered in them, in the back seat Ning Xi and Little Treasure have also been affected and are covered with the sparkling crystal.

Ning XI: “………”

Lu Ting Xiao: “………”

Little Treasure:” ………”

Ning Xi Wiped her face, then helped Little Treasure wipe his face too. She then quickly leaned over to help Lu Ting Xiao pick off the things messily stuck to him.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry…… are you okay? Did they get in your eyes?”

Lu Xiao Ting shook his head, shaking off a layer of diamond pieces, and a small piece of paper.

Ning Xi opened it and read: My dear, Happy Birthday, are you satisfied with what you see? – YS

“You……” Lu Ting Xiao gave her a slightly complex look. “Do you like it this way?”

He began to-self reflect. Compared to other people, wouldn’t his expression be considered rude?

Ning Xi looked speechless. “Do I look like I like it? I can say that I’m surprised, but how can I be happy at this rain full of horror? Lu Ting Xiao, although you are rich, don’t act like this when chasing a girl! If you need help, I can teach you the type of presents to send!”

When Lu Ting Xiao heard this, his mouth hooked into a smile. Of course, this is what he wished for. “Well” he starts

At this time, he caught a glimpse of a car that followed them this whole time in the rearview mirror. It seems to be Ning Yaohua’s car.

Ning Xi seeing that Lu Ting Xiao looked right, followed his line of sight and also found the car.

“Fuck! This guy is not finished yet!”

“Do you need me to throw them off?” Lu Ting Xiao asks

Ning Xi thought about it, then shook her head. “Forget about it, they can’t get us anyways. Besides Little Treasure is still in the car, driving fast is too dangerous.”


Ten minutes later, at the Platinum Palace

Extremely incompatible from Lu Ting Xiao and from her motor bike, a luxury black car slowly drove to the front gate.

They were a few meters away when the guard respectfully saluted, then graciously opened the gate allowing them to drive through. Before long, the car cannot be seen.

Then, trying to follow into the gate opening, Ning Yaohua was immediately stopped.

“Hello, please show me pass” the guard asks with a business-like expression.

Ning Yaohua anxiously looking at the car turning the corner impatiently replies, “What pass?”

“You don’t have a pass?” The guard asked. “Then which resident should I call to give you entry?”

Ning Yaohua frowned, “Why can that car just easily go in?”

“He is one of the residents” The guard replied.

“What?!” Ning Yaohua’s face instantly changed. How is this not wrong? This is the platinum palace! The gathering place of the Empire’s richest! There’s no market! How could that bitch with a broken car live here? Is it…… Is he a butler or special assistant, or someone’s illegitimate child?



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