Chapter 202 – The Lineup Of A Lifetime

It can’t simply be said that they underestimated Ning Xi. Underestimation was putting it mildly!

Tomorrow morning at nine, at Golden Age Entertainment, reporters will be waiting in the conference room as if watching a time bomb. Anything was possible!

Starlight’s conference had just ended, and Golden Age Entertainment will give a big announcement the day after. Many people had no doubt that this was premeditated.

As of now, even water could not reverse the public opinion. The majority of people were waiting for tomorrow’s conference by Golden Age Entertainment. It
was estimated that the city’s major media companies will be there.

After smashing some furniture into a pile of debris, Ning Xuelo paced back and forth like a trapped animal.

“Golden Age Entertainment correspondent states that the conference is specifically about what? Our spies don’t have any news yet?”

Chang Li shook her head, “We’ve tried all kinds of methods. Ning Xi and Golden Age’s executives are probably the only ones who know. Everyone has given us the same information as the microblogs. The only way to get more information is to see Lu Jingli himself!”

“What about Lin Zhizhi? Didn’t she reblog Ning Xi’s post? She is definitely Ning Xi’s agent! She should definitely know what the conference is about!”

Chang Li seeing that Ning Xuelo was starting to lose her nerve, helplessly replied, “When Lin Zhizhi was still with Leng Manyun, we fought her very ruthlessly and stole a role from her. Now that we want information from her, how would she give it to us?”

Ning Xuelo was furious. “This is not okay! We’re not just going to sit and wait for dawn are we?”

Chang Li thought she would like to go back. In addition to sitting, there really was nothing else they could do.

Ning Xuelo rested on the coffee table, finishing her half full glass of wine in a single gulp, her eyes flashed with an evil light. “That hillbilly! Even if she signed with Golden Age Entertainment so what? Just because she has the backing of Golden Age Entertainment, she thinks she can sit back and relax?”

Cui Caijing rushed in hastily and took the opportunity to add on some good words, “Yes Xuelo, as long as the stain is still there, if she is in front of you, for a lifetime she won’t be able to lift her head! And there’s also an insider inside Golden Age Entertainment. We will have plenty of opportunities to cause her to make mistakes. And when she does, sooner or later Golden Age Entertainment will get tired of her .”

The next morning in the Pearl Hotel Ballroom. All of the media were ready, waiting for the protagonist of today’s conference to appear. It had been a long time since the Entertainment business had such big news. Today, just any casual thing could be a headline.

In addition to the crowd of reporters, all the people concerned about this matter were also in front of their TV, computer, or watching it live. At 9:00 am sharp, everyone from Golden Age Entertainment had been seated. In the middle was Ning Xi, with Lin Zhizhi to her left and Lawyer Chen Jing to her right. On both sides of them were the Public Relations director Liang Feixing and Lu Jingli.

This lineup alone had murdered many of the reporters at the scene. “God, do my eyes deceive me? Ning Xi’s agent is actually the Lin Zhizhi. So the rumor that Leng Manyun was retiring is really true! Did Golden Age Entertainment arrange for Lin Zhizhi to be her agent? What does this mean? Does Lin Zhizhi want her to be Leng Manyun’s successor?”

“The man on Ning Xi’s right somehow seems familiar? Isn’t that the big economic lawyer Chen Jing?”

“Liang Feixing actually attended a mere reporters conference………”

“Who cares about Liang Feixing, the general Lu Jingli is here! Damn! This lineup! It’s really amazing! This is the special lineup of a lifetime! “

“Right! Have you ever seen Golden Age Entertainment have a conference for a new artist with as much extravagance as this?”


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