Chapter 203 – The Story Is Reversed

The first person to speak was Lu Jingli: “First of all, l will officially introduce you to the latest member of Golden Age Entertainment. Ning Xi.”

Ning Xi got up in front of all the media and cameras, bowed, then sat down.

Photographers started shooting in a burst of flashes, one after the other.

Today Ning Xi was wearing a black dress along with a sedate makeup look, suitable for such a formal occasion.

Lu Jingli then added: “Next, for the majority of people more concerned about the problems of Leng Manyun, Miss Lin Zhizhi is here to answer your questions.”

If placed before them at any other time, the topic of Leng Manyun would definitely become the focus of attention. However now, the reporters wanted it to end quickly so they could move onto the main topic of conversation…….

Fortunately, Lin Zhizhi’s style had always been short and sweet. With just a few words, she succinctly announced the news of Leng Manyun’s marriage as well as her future work arrangements; where she would only be focusing on her family.

Her words assured everyone’s speculation that Ning Xi was indeed joining Golden Age Entertainment and was going to be raised as Leng Manyun’s successor.

At this time, one of the reporters asked: “We would like to know why you decided to not only sign in, such a corrupt artist, but plan on letting her take over the position of Leng Manyun! Are you not afraid of self destruction?”

The other journalists also echoed the statement:

“Self destructive signs are good. It shows the whole company is bad!”

“I doubt that the high level executives are in support of this!”

“Golden Age Entertainment can’t tell in the end what is good anymore.”

Lu Jingli gave Chen Jing a look, “The next to speak is lawyer Chen, please keep quiet.

Lawyer Chen?

Just now, they were also surprised as to why there was a lawyer at a press conference. Everyone turned to look curiously at him.

They saw Chen Jing click on the computer in front of him, and everyone heard the sound of the scene from a speaker –

[Not Ning Xi! It’s not Ning Xi who bribed me! The one who gave me money to modify the sword was someone else! But I don’t know who the other person is! I received an anonymous email. The other party in the email told me what to do, then directly deposited a hundred thousand now and another hundred thousand upon completion!]

The sound stopped, the room was quiet for three seconds, then audience were in an uproar.

Lu Jingli glanced out with a chilling look, “Please be quiet.” The reporters immediately quieted, staring shocked.

Then the big screen behind Chen Jing lit up, showing two pictures. One was a picture showing the anonymous e-mail IP address was actually at Ning Xuelo address at Imperial Pearl River. The other showed that the anonymous account was actually from Ning Xuelo’s assistant, Cui Caijing.

This time, another uproar happened that could no longer be suppressed. However,
Lawyer Chen wasn’t finished yet. He released the extent of Ning Xuelo’s injury and doctor’s diagnosis report proving that Ning Xi had immediately withdrawn when she hit Ning Xuelo causing her injury to be very light. It was in the category of skin trauma, she could have been released that very day.

However, Ning Xuelo decided to stay in the hospital for several days. And each time she was in front of the reporters, she would claim it was a serious injury and she was weak due to massive blood loss, deliberately trying to gain sympathy.

After the release of the evidence, Chen Jing produced a lawyer’s letter expressing that Ning Xi was filing a formal claim against Ning Xuelo for being framed, defamation, and libel.


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