Chapter 212 – Is It An Ex-Boyfriend?

Lu Ting Xiao heard, but his face was expressionless as he spat out three cold syllables: ”Destroy it.”

Lu Jingli immediately felt as if he was doused by cold water. “What? God is helping you? And you don’t want it? Just listen.”

Lu Ting Xiao’s expression only got colder, “Do I need to repeat myself a second time?”

Seeing his brother get really angry, Lu Jingli quickly imitated a chicken pecking rice, nodding again and again. “I’ll destroy it………I’ll destroy it!”

He really didn’t know what to say to this brother of his. Except for when he was in front of Ning Xi, h’s brother had no idea how to be flexible!

However, he is not the same. His mouth agreed, but of course he wouldn’t really destroy it

Hmph, he’d keep it secretly……one day it would come in handy!

Lu Jingli sighed, suddenly a small figure dashed like a gust of wind from upstairs towards the front door……

“Auntie Xiao Xi is back?” Lu Jingli quickly followed Little Treasure out.

Looking out the door, it seems Ning Xi is really back, sitting in Jiang Muye’s car.

From the look of the two, nothing seems unusual. Jiang Muye seems to have drunk a lot wine, while Ning Xi seems quite sober.

Ning Xi stepped out of the car, and picked up Little Treasure who rushed out to greet her looking distressed.

“Ah darling, it’s already past eleven. How come you’re not asleep? Don’t tell me you were waiting for me?”

Little Treasure wrapped his arms tightly around her neck, glaring at Jiang Muye, his expression alert and wary.

Jiang Muye’s frowned slightly. It’s clearly unfair, this is Lu Ting Xiao’s plot!

Lu Jingli seeing Jiang Muye’s thoughts, went and sympathetically patted his shoulder, “Don’t be sad. Who told you not to have a son?”

Jiang Muye’s heart thumped, “What do you mean?”

Lu Jingli leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Don’t lie to me, you like Ning Xi.”

A trace of panic flashed across Jiang Muye’s face before he settled down. “Uncle, you must be joking. How can I like her!”

Lu Jingli touched his chin, and looked interested. It was really strange! In the end what happened between these two. Jiang Muye obviously likes Ning Xi, but he really refuses to admit it……

Ning Xi was about to carry Little Treasure into the house when suddenly her cell phone rang.

She quickly answered it, “Hello, who is this?”

“Hello, is this Miss Ning Xi? Your boyfriend was in a car accident and is in our hospital! Please come as soon as possible!”

Ning Xi just looked confused: “My boyfriend?”

As her voice faded, Lu Jingli, Jiang Muye, Lu Ting Xiao, and even Little Treasure’s eyes all focused upon Ning Xi.

Ning Xi, embarrassed quickly continued. “Cough, are you sure you’re not mistaken? I don’t have a boyfriend!”

But the patient put down your number before going into a coma. Please hurry over! Our hospital address is………”

At the end, the people on the other end rushed to hang up the phone. Ning Xi holding the cell phone, just stood there in the midst of the staring faces. “I’ll go! But who is it?”

Jiang Muye leaning against his car’s body tsked at her: ”Which of your former boyfriends is it? He was infatuated enough to actually save your number huh!”

Ning Xi swiftly kicked him, “Less sarcasm!”

“Ning Xi, don’t you have to go?” Lu Jingli asked, his eyes aglow. Although a valid question, his expression is one of excitement!


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