Chapter 217 – It Could Be Worse

Ning Xuelo: “………………”

On the other end of the phone, there is a long silence, then suddenly hung up.

Really wonder what Ning Xuelo’s facial expression was when she heard the sentence that caused her to panic and hang up the phone.

“Ha! Little XiXi, you are too bad! That woman is probably scared miserable because of you!” Lu Jingli said, his face full of admiration.

“You think this is bad? You haven’t seen anything! Today, I will show you something bad!” Ning Xi lips hook into a smile. A few clicks of her phone later, the phone plays the conversation of her talk with Ning Xuelo.

Yes, she was recording.

Originally, she was really going to call Ning Xuelo in front of Su Yan and turn on the speaker for Su Yan to listen to. Unfortunately, because of Little Treasure she had to change the plan. Fortunately, the final results are the same.

Now, Ning Xi will just edit the recording a bit, and then send it to Su Yan later.

She then sighed regretfully, “Unfortunately, this move can only be used once. Later, when Ning Xuelo talks to me will she will certainly be careful. But once is enough ”

And since he failed to recognize Ning Xuelo’s true colors, today in Su Yan’s heart she will plant a seed of distrust. All she had to do was wait and see, and eventually they would go at each other like dogs.


Lu Jingli shivered in fear….” Little XiXi, if I ever make you angry, please tell me directly. I’ll even let you casually hit me! But your revenge, ah! I’m so afraid……”

Ning Xi laughed lightly, “Rest assured, for your brother’s sake, I won’t plot against you.”

When Lu Jingli heard this, his eyes brightened, “Is my brother’s face so big?”

Ning Xi stared at him “Nonsense, he is my BOSS! My benefactor! I can’t do too much against him!”

Hearing the answer, Lu Ting Xiao closed his eyes. his expression dark. Although she was very careful, it was still clear that her attitude had changed after coming back tonight.

She chose Lu Jingli to accompany her into the hospital, then deliberately got close to Su Yan and then in an effort to deepen his exclusion, inadvertently reminded him of his position with her……

In the same way that you boil a frog, start with warm water and slowly heat it up is the same way Ning Xi is trying to modify her perception of him and distance herself. No doubt she’s a really good student.

Unfortunately, he is in a cocoon, trapped in a cage of his own making. He knows what she’s trying to do, but he’s helpless to stop it.

Late at night.

Ning Xi is lying on the bed, counting all of the sheep, and still not the slightest bit sleepy. So, she picks up the phone and opens WeChat.

After browsing the posts on her friend group for a while, she then sent out a line of words: [I could have tolerated the dark, if I had not seen the sun. But now, the sun makes me lonely, the shine even more desolate.]

This sentence by the poet Dickinson’s was part of a poem.

She didn’t know why, but thinking about it, it is very consistent with the state of her mind……

The first response to her post is……Lu Jing Li……

Lu Jingli: [ Crying, all things recover, the warmth of spring, and also animals … … ah Hah!! I smell the scent of love!] 

Ning Xi’s mouth twitched. Lu Jingli, this guy moved way too fast. Why was he awake in the middle of the night? Is he not asleep?

Incidentally, Jiang Muye was also awake late so he commented too.

Jiang Muye: [You must have fallen hard and lost some teeth! ]

Ning Xi is preparing to choke Jiang Muye with a few words, when suddenly she heard her own door “squeak” as it was pushed open…


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  1. Now these three men( Su Yan, Jiang Muye, and Lu Ting Xio ) with one referee( Lu Jingli) are getting ready for battle.What will happen? Su Yan is thinking about the baby. Jiang Muye sees the baby as a ploy to snare Ning Xi for Boss Lu and Boss Lu is trying to decide how to smack these mosquitoes out of the sky. I think this is worth a look.

  2. ‘Fall so hard and lost some teeth’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this line is genius!!!

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