Chapter 220 – Making Some Waves

[Regardless of others poor conduct and betrayal, it is better to operate on your own integrity. What does not kill us, make us stronger]

On the microblog, there are a lot of night owls. The number of times her post is forwarded and clicked on rises rapidly.

In less than five minutes, Jiang Muye has also re-blogged it, with a satisfactory comment of support.

The fans wail in excitement. Since the drama’s couple actually ended up under the same company, wouldn’t this increase the chances of something romantic happening?

Ning Xi was quite surprised that she was this popular. The comments below, in addition to showing concern and support for her, were filled with gossip regarding her and Jiang Muye.

The most popular comment actually said, [Oh my God! Last time Lu Ting Xiao reblogged your post! Have you ever seen the Big BOSS in Golden Age Entertainment? Did you talk to him? Is he handsome or not! Show the evidence! You must be getting benefits!]

Ning Xi replied out loud: “What do you mean have I seen the Big BOSS? What nonsense, off course I’ve seen him! I’m lying next to him! You stupid people! Send photos? Forget it! Who in their right mind would……..

Ning Xi continued muttering to herself while continuing to refresh the page. The result being she became even more awake.

Of course she would have insomnia when the feed is empty.

What she needs now is a degree in higher mathematics! (to count sheep)

While worrying about it, her phone suddenly lit up, the caller ID displaying
Jiang Muye. Fortunately, her phone was on mute.

Ning Xi quickly answered, her voice low, “Hey, what?”

“Why are you not sleeping tonight?”

Ning Xi replied rolling her eyes, “I want to ask you the same thing”

“Why is your voice so low?” Jiang Muye asked suspiciously

“It’s the middle of the night, you want me to yell at you?”

“No……” Jiang Muye started still suspicious, “Someone is next to you!”
Ning Xi heart skipped a beat and she cursed internally, but confidently replied

“I told the little bun to come sleep with me? Are you really surprised?”

“Really?” Muye asked

Ning Xi suddenly felt the hand around her waist tighten, causing her mind to wander “Otherwise, do you think the person next to me is Lu Ting Xiao? You have a busy imagination!”

Jiang Muye curled his lips, feeling that there was more to the story, “I’m not just asking this idly!”

“Yes……” Ning Xi suddenly remembered something, and frowned “How is your family at home?”

Jiang Muye was silent for a while before replying, “The situation has almost been resolved, after I met you yesterday, the partners that have been refusing to deal with us suddenly relented. It’s a really clever plan!”
His implied meaning is that this happened because of Lu Ting Xiao……

“That’s good” Ning Xi replied, feeling relieved, “Are you free tomorrow?”
Jiang Muye simply wanted to cry, “Why? I’m busy!”

“Okay, forget it.” Ning Xi said and got ready to hang up.

“Wait, I’m busy but what do you need?” Jiang Muye hurriedly asked.

Ning Xi paused for a moment then replied, “Tomorrow is the beginning of autumn. The weather is good, they’re not shooting the drama, why don’t we go make some waves?

“What?” Jiang Muye thought he was hallucinating. Ever since he returned, except for filming, she had been avoiding him like the plague, “You, Ning Xi…..what are you planning?”

“Why are you asking me so many questions! Don’t worry about it!”

“I’ll Go!”


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  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger~ what a coincidence. I was listening to this song when I started reading this chapter😂 And thinking about it now, it kinda fits Ning Xi, with how she used to be or the thing she she faced or suffered. And loooove how She seems possesive of Big Bun~ Blazaria thank you sooooo much for the chapter!!😊

  2. Her reactions to the fans’ comments is so hilarious!!!! I wonder if by that time LTX is really asleep, or else, someone is gonna be followed on that day~~~ JM’s antenna is so strong he could actually sense LTX is beside NX…

  3. Hopefully her parents will believe her now and Ning Xi suffered a lot from the hands of Xuelo. Her parents will realized and regrets what they did to her. Thanks for the updates.

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