Chapter 223 – People and Dogs Cannot See

How I see Ning Xi and Muye’s relationship.

JM: “You, stay away from LTX! He’s bad for you!”
Ning Xi: [Read 11:59 pm)
LTX: “Jingli, your nephew needs to suffer. Ning Xi will feed you”
LJL: “Brother say no more! I will rid sister-in-law of that pest!
Little Bun: Sends robot army


To this authority, Jiang Muye admitted defeat.

Strictly speaking, the horn to begin the war just started, but he already stepped on a landmine and can’t move one step…the enemy is too cruel!

Ning Xi spoke in a disbelieving tone, “I never thought that even Zhizhi sister could be blind towards certain people.”

Jiang Muye stared at her, “You! Watch how you speak! What do you mean blind? Even you fancied Su Yan!”

Ning Xi sighed, “Blame youth. Neither men nor dogs can see truth.”

“You … … “Jiang Muye was speechless with anger. Finally, he angrily said,“Now you know how sinister and cunning Lu Ting Xiao is right? In order to keep me away, even such shameless means aren’t left out!”

Having prepared himself to see Ning Xi’s regretful expression. The result was to see her smiling.

“BOSS is really wise. He can really see thousands of miles away and create a strategy….”

Jiang Muye face is as black as the bottom of a pot, “Ning Xi, you are really hopeless!”

Ning Xi suddenly walked towards him, her expression full of ill intentions,”Hey, you and Zhizhi sister. Is the matter done? Look at your expression, it seems that she’s not only an ex-girlfriend!”

Jiang Muye, this guy can’t be so afraid just because of an ex-girlfriend.

“Mind yourself!” He snapped at her, then hesitantly asked, “Did she call to tell you anything?”
Ning Xi shrugged, “She didn’t say anything. Just said that the screenwriters are modifying the script. It should take about two weeks to be finished.”

“Ming brother also told me that after the change, Meng Changge and Sun Huanqing’s lines will be more prominent. As for Ning Xuelo’s and Zhao Sizhou’s characters, the substitutions are not clear. But Lu Ting Xiao will certainly take care of you so there will definitely be substitutions!” Jiang Muye replied acidly.

Ning Xi only shook her head, “Wrong, if Lu Ting Xiao really wanted to help me, then from my point of view he will certainly not make substitutions. Because in the drama, for me to defeat Ning Xuelo with my strength and let her perish is the most succulent form of revenge!”

Her voice fading away, Ning Xi’s phone showed some new entertainment information. She had subscribed to certain sources and each time when there was breaking news, she will receive alerts.

When Ning Xi finished reading, her mouth turned slightly upwards, displaying a frightening, ungirly face.

Jiang Muye glanced at her expression suspiciously, then went to see what the news was about. Shengshi Gang News announcement that since Lu Groups addition to Golden Age, Starlight Entertainment had withdrawn funds from “Land Under Heaven” project. It was now solely owned by Golden Age.

From a shooting perspective of the drama, the original actors will not change……
Looking at Ning Xi and Lu Ting Xiao’s tacit understanding with each other, Jiang

Muye’s heart felt waves of panic.

Jiang Muye: “I think you are completely trapped and don’t even know it. So, you really like Lu Ting Xiao……you really can’t hold back from him?”

Ning Xi laying on the grass, grabbed a blade and stuck it in her mouth.

Ning Xi: “Why does liking someone mean you have to be together? Even if the get together, how many people stay together till the end? The state we’re in is currently very good……”

After all, the best result is that he would be her friend and confidant. Even if the worst result comes to pass, at least there will be the memories of the most beautiful time.


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  1. Thank you for the awesome chapter! NX please give up on being just friends with LTX, Big Bun will eat you soon enough!

  2. According to my unreliable character notes, NXuelo’s character should be Shangguang Yirong while Zhao Sizhou is an actor Also, the title of the project is Land UnderHeaven.. I’m not sure though haha xD

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