Chapter 226 – Why Is Everyone Assisting

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“I am sorry Yan brother, I know that  I was wrong. I won’t repeat it in the future!” Ning Xuelo almost bit off her tongue saying this sentence.

It seems that this time, the things stirred up and aroused Su Yan’s guilty heart. He no longer easily doubts Ning Xi.

But so what? Since he doesn’t believe what others say, she just have to look for opportunities to let him see with his own eyes. Then he will believe me!

Looking for Ning Xi’s flaws is too easy. The relationship between her and Jiang Muye is already unclear. With the addition of a child, things will get really interesting!

However, for the time being, she needs to be temporarily tolerant, and play down the talk of her guilt to Su Yan.


Outside of the shopping mall,

Ning Xi and Little Treasure were preparing to go home, when they suddenly saw that the car supposed to be waiting for them is gone.

“Hey, our car?” Ning Xi is very confused.

Has it been stolen?

But how could it be stolen, there are drivers……

The bodyguard following them replied: “Miss, our car has been taken away because the boss just called. He’s coming from work to pick you up.”

“Ah?”  Ning Xi hastily said, “What’s with that? Why do we have to wait, we can go without him. What if he decided to work overtime or dilly dally somewhere…”

Before Ning Xi could finish her statement, a black Maybach came to a smooth stop in front of them. The back seat window slowly dropped down, revealing an expressionless face, “Taking a stroll?”

Ning Xi gave a stiff nod.

Because these days she has been going to bed in the early evening to try and avoid making contact with Lu Ting Xiao. So although they live under one roof, she hasn’t seen him for two whole days.

“Let’s go home?”

“Mmm!” Ning Xi opened the door and allowed Little Treasure to enter. Then she went towards the passenger seat to sit in front.

As a result, one of the guards trembling in fear and trepidation said, “Miss, the passenger seat is not safe so I’ll sit there. You sit in the back, it’s very spacious.”

“Oh…” Ning Xi once again opened the back seat and entered the car. Although the little bun is sitting in the middle, separating them, Ning Xi moved as far as possible to the end of the seat.

Lu Ting Xiao has the same attitude as usual, staring at his laptop and quickly tapping on the keyboard, his expression focused.

Seeing this, Ning Xi is a little relieved.

As a result, ten minutes later, Lu Ting Xiao seems to have finished handling things. He put the computer down to the side, placed a drowsy Little Treasure on his lap, then naturally shifted his position, turning towards Ning Xi.

The familiar atmosphere was suddenly violated, turning chilly as the distance reduced. Ning Xi hair quickly rose up as she subconsciously retreated towards the door, her face almost pasted to the window……

“Ning Xi……” Lu Ting Xiao’s voice sounded in her ear

“Yes? What?” Ning Xi replied turning her head

Lu Ting Xiao continued to look at her and unhurriedly asked, “Are you hiding from me?”

“Ha! How……how can I? Why do you think I want to hide? It’s just that outside, the sun behind the cloud looks very beautiful! I am enjoying the scenery……I’m only looking at the scenery……” Ning Xi finished with a whoosh.

As a result, at this time, somehow, the driver in front suddenly made a sharp turning, causing Ning Xi’s body to fly towards and land on Lu Ting Xiao’s body.

Lu Ting Xiao’s brow rose, and he stretched his arm protectively around her shoulder and didn’t move it.

“I’m sorry boss, it’s just that a car suddenly swerved into our lane!” the driver, Cheng Feng reported.

Lu Ting Xiao: “Okay, then drive carefully. I’ll increase your wages.”

Cheng Feng: “Yes!”

Ning Xi: “……”

From the housekeeper to the body guards to the driver. Why is it that everyone seems to be assisting Lu Ting Xiao’s illusion?


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