Chapter 232 – If You Do Not Make Any Move Soon, You Will Turn Green

Ning Xi glanced down at the man’s left ring finger.

Although he was not wearing his wedding ring, there was clearly a circle of lighter skin. It was clear that he took it off for the night to pick up girls.

“Oh yes” Ning Xi obligingly replied, leaning back lazily.

The man’s face flashed with a ray of light, “Can I sit down?”

“Of course.” Ning Xi smiled gently at him, and he took the obvious hint.

The man’s happiness couldn’t be concealed, and he began his standard pickup lines , “Are you in a bad mood?”

Ning Xi sighed, “Yes, I fell out of love.”

“You are such a great beauty; how could you have romantic troubles? Which man is so stupid to break up with you?” He replied, with a surprised expression on his face.

“It was me who dumped him.”

“Ahem……it must mean that you are angry now!”

“Yes! I only came to the nightclub to look for a date, just to play around, but after he found out, he made a big fuss about it, isn’t that aggravating?”

“Uh……” the man was choked speechless.

Why does he find these lines so familiar?

It sounds like the complaints he made to his friends just now about his wife making a fuss all day long……

However, he was mesmerized by the behaviour of the woman in front of his eyes, so he did not realize that he has been tricked by her.

After three rounds of drinking, they walked out of the bar together.

“Where shall we go? Junlai or Mingzhu?” the man asked impatiently.

“Why should we go to the hotel! Just here then!” Ning Xi pulled the man into an alley at the side.

The man excitedly panted, then pressed her onto the wall, “Yes, you are right…… doing it here is more stimulating……”

As they were talking, they did not notice that in an area five steps away, a black car without a license-plate was quietly parked there.

Inside the car, no matter how calm Lu Ting Xiao is, currently a thick layer of frost has formed around him.

And beside him, Lu Jingli is already regretting until his intestines turned green.

Because he had a strong hunch that there will be something major happening tonight, so he did not sleep for the entire night, and indeed, he inadvertently saw through his window Ning Xi, followed by his brother, leaving the house, thus he shamelessly followed over, but he would have never imagined……

Things have progressed to this stage!

He is soon unable to withstand his brother’s face, which is so scary that it can stop hungry infants from crying.

Watching the man’s pig hands touching Ning Xi’s waist, even if Lu Ting Xiao was an immortal descended to earth, his endurance should be broken already.

Lu Jingli could tell, that Lu Ting Xiao’s patience was wearing thin, as thin as a strand of hair, “Brother, are you not going to make any move?”

Lu Ting Xiao’s voice was as cold as iron: “Let’s wait.”

Lu Jingli was so anxious that he could not stay still, “Look at them! What are you waiting for? If you do not make any move soon, you will become green*! Even though Little Xixi has toned down a lot these two years, but she has a bad record, it’s hard to change for the good, but to become bad again, it is super easy……”

(*T/N Akari: it has roughly the same meaning as wearing a green hat 戴绿帽子; in china, when a man is cheated on by his lover, he will be called wearing a green hat…)

Lu Ting Xiao: “Shut up!”

Right when Lu Jingli shut his eyes as he did not dared to look anymore, a piercing cry was heard……

“Eh? This sound is not right……” Lu Jingli immediately opened his eyes, then saw the man clutching his lifeblood, his screams more miserable than pigs when getting slaughtered.

Immediately after, Ning Xi kicked him again, the man fell hard onto the ground face down, and when he was about to get up, he was stepped on by Ning Xi on his back, his chin on the ground, and fresh blood was dripping from the corner of his lips……

Lu Jingli felt pain just looking at the scene, he could not bear to witness it anymore and cover his eyes, “Sister-in-law is so brutal ah ah ah ah……”


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  2. I kinda wish more women would do what Ning Xi is doing. I bet that would drastically reduce the # of cheating men!

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