Chapter 234 – Protector of Love and Justice

This woman is not seeking for money nor fortune, so why is she making him suffer?

What extremely bad luck he has! To encounter such a weirdo!

However, what he did not know was that, there is worse to come…

Ning Xi suddenly remembered something, slapped her own forehead, then reminded the woman: “Ah right, I’ll send you the recording of the conversation he had with his dog buddies when I head back, to prove that he had an affair!

Why the hell should he not give a penny after divorce? Is your skull broken? Take whatever should be taken and not a penny less! Are you listening?”

“Y……yes ma’am!” The woman was dumbfounded by Ning Xi’s aura, and subconsciously replied.

Ning Xi nodded with satisfaction, then earnestly said, “En, it should be like this, once you have money, whatever type of man you want, there will be, even if there are no sincere ones, at least you are able to raise a few obedient and handsome toy boys! And if they defy you, you can replace them anytime! How good is that?”

The women: “……”

The scumbag: “……”

Lu Jingli, who was not far away: “……!!!” He actually felt that sister-in-law made a lot of sense…….

Lu Ting Xiao: “……”

Over the phone, the woman was full of doubts, so she could not help but asked: “Thank you! But, who……who are you? Why are you helping me? Do I know you?”

Ning Xi look at the camera, and smiled, “You’re welcome, you can just call me Lei Feng!”

After hanging up the call, she kicked away the scumbag, and swaggered off……

Lu Jingli jaw dropped, “Brother, there are something that shouldn’t be said, but I could not help it…… Sister-in-law is way too handsome ah ah ah ah! I am almost in……” love with her!

Lu Ting Xiao did have the energy pay attention to the excited Lu Jingli. He tiredly pinched the space between his eyebrows. He had an expression of a person who had just survived a disaster.

Lu Jingli, with a face full of admiration, looked at his biological brother, “Brother is still the wisest, if you did not hold back, we could not have seen such a wonderful scene!”

After speaking, Lu Jingli had an expression full of thoughts, excitedly said, “Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered something. All of the people Ning Xi dated back then, even though I only have the list of some people, but all those people are scumbags, and are all dumped by Ning Xi eventually, including Jiang Muye. If you link that to the fact that Jiang Muye is always avoiding the topic of the time when he was dating Ning Xi.
Say, when Ning Xi dated all those scumbags, was it the same situation as today? Bait then punish them, carrying out heaven’s, protecting love and justice?”

Listening to Lu Jingli’s tone of having a major discovery, Lu Ting Xiao’s face did not have the slightest fluctuation.

He has never believed that she was that kind of person.

Even if it was real, it does not matter.

After taking care of the scumbag, Ning Xi was humming while riding her bike, feeling refreshed and she was in a good spirit.

Indeed, abusing scumbags is the most effective way to reduce stress!

Ning Xi looked at the time on her phone, it was only four o’clock in the morning, it was still too early, she needed to wait until at least six o’clock before she can head home.

Because that is the timing where she can encounter Lu Ting Xiao in the living room……

And so, after thinking for a moment, Ning Xi turned by the bend and headed to the west side of the city.

Half an hour later, she reached a riverbank.

After parking her bike, she walked towards the soft grass and sat down.

Meanwhile she could relax in the wind and get sobered up……

Also, there is another advantage to this place, which is…… there are a lot of mosquitoes!

After lying down, she murmured to herself, “Mosquitoes! Ah mosquitoes! It is time for your meal, come and bite me quickly……”


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  1. The title reminds me sooo much of Jessie, James and Meowth, team Rocket!😂😂😂 or maybe SailorMoon? 😂😂😂 and lol mosquitoes? Ahahaha. Thank you soooo much for the update l!!

    1. Jessie
      Prepare for trouble!

      Make it double!

      To protect the world from devastation!

      To unite all peoples within our nation!

      To denounce the evils of truth and love!

      To extend our reach to the stars above!



      Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

      Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

      That’s right!

      1. *gasp* that’s some awesome timeskip that occurred to you😂

        And well good for you, at least you didn’t have to accumulate 18 years worth of dark history. People like me with childhood has to suffer from it and the sealed chest containing my dark history, now that it is filled to the brim…I just had to seal it away 100 ft down the ground.

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  2. Ning Xi’s Magical Conversation~

    NX: Hey you!! Yes, you!!!
    M1: Is this human talking to us?
    M2: Ignore her, she must be crazy.
    NX: *sprays a group of mosquitoes*
    MosGroup: Ahhh!!! Iyaa~~~*dies*
    NX: Wanna come or I’ll come to you?
    M1&M2: *comes to NX* What do you want?
    NX: Make a hickey here, here, here ,here….
    M2: Is she crazy? * sees a man not too far away
    LTX: *glares at them with a try-if-you-dare-look*
    M1&M2: !!!!!!
    NX: What? Not doing it?
    M1&M2: *runs away quickly*
    NX: Tsk!

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

  3. LTX: So… where were you all night?
    NX: *looks sideways to display ‘hickeys’* Just here and there.
    LTX: … … … *hands her a tablet* read it.

    Tablet display: Mosquito-borne diseases – Wikipedia

    NX: Σ(°△°|||)︴

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