Chapter 246 – A Deeper Kiss

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Ning Xi stared with an open mouth, at the ring on the plate, she was shocked dumbfounded.

What the hell!!!

Ning! Xi! You! Jinx! It!

She really hit the mark……

She had tried a thousand and a million methods to avoid it! She had always known that big devil’s method of getting girls is utterly amazing that even if you try to avoid it, it is practically impossible, but little did she know, that she will be defeated in such an…… old-fashioned method!

However, the final result is the same, it is still impossible to avoid.

Did the big devil deliberately do the exact opposite?

At this moment, the biggest regret Ning Xi actually had in mind was why didn’t she swallow the ring immediately just now to destroy the evidence……

While Ning Xi was still in a dazed state, Lu Ting Xiao drank the last bit of wine from his wineglass then putting it down, his deep and quiet eyes looking at her, “The reason why I kept drinking was because, I was nervous.”

Ning Xi: “……” He’s nervous? Who is the one that’s supposed to be nervous!

Lu Ting Xiao’s expression changed from ice-cold to a tipsy mist. His pitch-black eyes were sober and calm, his voice was clear yet cold, sounding like raindrops falling into a cold pond: “I have never done anything that I’m uncertain of before, but this time, I would still do it.”

“This is perhaps the most impulsive thing that I have done in my entire life, but, I have no other choice, and there is no room for regrets.”

“Regardless of what I’d done today, you have already long decided to put a distance between us. The only difference was later or earlier.”

“From the first day I met you, I have been planning for this day, and I had countless type of plans. But, you are increasingly afraid of me, and to the present you, those plans might only scare you, so, I chose the most traditional and gentle method.”

After hearing what he had said, Ning Xi was utterly speechless: “……”

The most gentle method…… really, thank you very much for always being so considerate ah!

But I was still scared to death okay!!!

Lu Ting Xiao paused, then raised his head and went on to said, “Regardless of what method I use, I still do not have the confidence to completely impress you, and today’s plan, even though it is the most secure method that I could think of, my predicted odds of success was only seventeen out of hundred.”

Ning Xi: “Ha?” What the hell is 17%? Where did he calculate such a magical figure?

“Uh, cough cough cough……that……”

While six senses stopped working, Ning Xi subconsciously wanted to drink the wine, but ended up realizing that all the wine had been finished by Lu Ting Xiao, thus she could only pour herself a glass of juice, and gulped it down.

After she placed down her glass with a loud ‘bang’, Ning Xi found her voice back—

“Lu Ting Xiao, you must be doing an act to practice how you will confess to the girl you like, right? En, that is good, that is good, traditional yet classic, low-profile yet the essence is there, the lines are also affectionate enough……”

Lu Ting Xiao quietly look at the girl in front of him, pulled his chair back a little, stood up, reached his long arms across the dining table and used his fingers to pinch the chin of the girl who was talking, and the next second, he leaned down and kissed her……

Ning Xi’s voice stopped abruptly.

Three seconds later, right when she realized what had just happened, Lu Ting Xiao used force to press the back of her head towards him, and gave her a deeper kiss……

The room was pin-drop silence, only the sound of rough breathing, friction between clothes and intertwining of tongues could be heard, the temperature of the surrounding quietly rises……

After a long time, the kiss finally ended, Lu Ting Xiao slowly left her lips, his wide palm still on the back of her head, their foreheads lightly touching……  


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