Chapter 247 – Using the Honey Trap

Translator: Akari, Blaze
Editor: cfadmode

Sorry to burst everyones hopes and dreams teehee~ >_<

Ning Xi closed her eyes, eyelashes gently trembling, her voice sounding hoarse, “Lu Ting Xiao, why didn’t you listen to your teacher’s words?”

Not long ago, she clearly told him to be sure to maintain the status quo and not act rashly. But the next moment, he went straight for the confession and asked her to marry him. It was simply an entrapment……

“Teachers show the way, but the execution is left to the student.” Lu Ting Xiao replied in a very rational tone.

“This teacher did not teach you to behave like an ass!”

“But this was the only way to make you know that the person I like is you, teacher.”

“You are offending your teacher as a student!”

“That’s because the teacher is too irresistible……”Lu Ting Xiao leaned his forehead against hers, his large hands picked up hers and placed them over his heart. At that moment, his cold eyes looked as fiery as volcanic lava. In a tone as if he was under a spell, he said, “Teacher, if you agree to be with me, my everything will be yours……”

“Don’t speak anymore!!!” Ning Xi interrupted, her brain in chaos. Especially when he called her teacher, she felt a strange kind of shameful embarrassment……

She tried to cover her ears, but, she was one step too late.

Lu Ting Xiao went on to say – “Little Treasure will be yours too.”

“……” Ning Xi’s pupils contracted.

Lu Ting Xiao quietly observed her reaction, seeing her eyes widen as she stared at him, his lips curled, and gently kneaded the sensitive areas at the back of her neck like he was playing with a cat.

“What is the percentage now?” Lu Ting Xiao asked her.

Ning Xi subconsciously replied, “Half and half….” She started and immediately wanted to bite her tongue.

“Damn you Lu Ting Xiao. You are too shameless! You even use Little Treasure!”

“Little Treasure is my natural asset. How can you say I’m using him?”

“Then what about you using this honey trap on me?!” Ning Xi replied indignantly. She was currently completely swept by the flow and she wanted to get away. Even though Lu Ting Xiao is currently not using any force to hurt her, but she was unable to break free.

“Did I use it?” Lu Ting Xiao replied in an innocent tone.

“Ok fine you didn’t, I used it myself alright! Uh……Lu……Ting Xiao……” Ning Xi was currently in an angry state, then speaking halfway she felt something was off.


Ning Xi turned pale as she clutched her stomach, “I…….my stomach hurts……

“What? Where does it hurt?” Lu Ting Xiao asked as his face immediately became serious.

“My stomach! I’m dying! The pain is increasing……” Ning Xi’s forehead was covered with sweat.

“What’s wrong? Why will you have a stomach ache when everything was alright? Was it the food?”

Ning Xi coughed loudly, “Uh, it shouldn’t be……I think……it might be because……I drank a large glass of orange juice just now. At that time, I already felt that my stomach wasn’t feeling quite right……”

Lu Ting Xiao looked at the table, only to find out that she had eaten most of the food on table, not to mention she also drank a large glass of juice. He instantly felt angry and said, “Ning Xi! Are you an idiot? How can you eat so much food and not stop?”

Ning Xi with even more angry. “Wasn’t it because of you! I was so scared that I kept eating to reduce the stress. You also drank all the wine and didn’t leave a drop for me! I could only drink the orange juice! And you actually called me an idiot!”

She then clutched her stomach howling “Owwwww” looking even more miserable.

Lu Ting Xiao’s anger instantly disappeared and hurried to comfort her, “It’s my fault……I’ll take you to the hospital immediately!”


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  5. She seems to be caught by surprise by her stomach pains. I mean, done in by a stomach ache is pretty sad for the guy. I think she’s not doing it on purpose. Ah, but it is terribly convenient…
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