Chapter 248 – Obviously A Bully In Studying (Sponsored)

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When Ning Xi heard this, her face immediately looked embarrassed, “Ah? It’s better not to go to the hospital because I ate too much. I’ll be too humiliated ah!”

“Losing face is more important than your body?” Lu Ting Xiao grabbed her phone and wallet, then carried her up.

Ning Xi immediately waved, “Ugh……Lu Ting Xiao…….this doesn’t work……I feel like vomitting……change a position……I’ll slowly walk instead……this position is even worse……”

“You……” Lu Ting Xiao was angry and distressed. He ended up putting her down, and carefully helped her walk out.

In the hospital emergency room, Ning Xi’s clothes and hair are dripping with sweat.

With Ning Xi had been clutching her stomach and Lu Ting Xiao had an expression as if the sky was about to collapse. A nurse immediately rushed to escort Ning Xi, “Are you about to give birth? Quick! Get on the stretcher!”

Ning Xi had on a mask so she wouldn’t be recognized but her expression beneath it was terrible as she tried to explain, “No……that’s not it nurse! I ate too much!”

“……” the nurse was silent for a second, and glanced at her stomach noticing that it was only slightly convex, indeed she was not a pregnant woman. “For stomach problems, please go to the left!”

“Thank you!”

In the middle of the night, after much chaos, Ning Xi’s diagnosis finally came out.

Binge eating over a short period of time, in addition to stress, caused acute gastritis……

Lu Ting Xiao touched the pale cheeks of the girl in bed, his faced distressed. “Does it still hurts?”

Ning Xi nodded, “Yes, but it’s a little better……That, Lu Ting Xiao, one more thing……”

“What? Tell me.”

Ning Xi hesitated, then embarrassedly said, “The ring seemed to have scraped my gum, and I didn’t feel it until now, so it’s a bit sore ah……”

Lu Ting Xiao rubbed her forehead, lost for words, “Wait, I’ll go get you medicine.”


After Lu Ting Xiao left, Ning Xi exhaled a long breath, then touched her round belly……

Did not think that in the key moment her stomach would live up to her expectations!

Still……eating that much was really uncomfortable! In this life she never wants  to experience that a second time!

Before, there was a time when she was too busy so she didn’t eat for long periods of time. The result was at night, there would be a sudden onset of acute gastritis……

The difference was that this time she rode in a car, before she had to ride a motorcycle all the way to the hospital, registered herself, and administered her own medicine while sitting in the corridor on a cold bench with an IV drip……

Lu Ting Xiao soon returned.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, he opened the medicine bottle, then carefully told her, “This medicine is topical. Open your mouth and I can help you apply it to the wound.”

Ning Xi obediently opened her mouth, but her tongue accidentally touched it and she frowned, “Bitter……”

“Tolerate it for a bit, don’t touch it.”


After applying the medicine, Lu Ting Xiao’s eyes looked at her gently before whispering, “Teacher……”

Ning Xi looked slightly startled, and took a moment to react before realizing he was calling her and answered, “Ah?”

“I’m sorry……” Lu Ting Xiao sighed remorsefully before picking up her hand, and gently kissing the back of it, “It was all my fault for being a bad student and not studying your teachings well, causing you to be hurt.”

Ning Xi’s heart skipped a beat.

This is bad……sixty percent……sixty one……sixty two……sixty three……it continued to increase……

Which part of him did not study well?

He was obviously a bully in studying!!!


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    Outside NX’s room (near nurse station)
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