Chapter 251 – Su Yi Mo’s Background

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When Ning Xi heard what she said, her eyes narrowed.

This was not her first time hearing from other people that Lin Zhizhi hated this type of artist.

To say that she did not mind it at all, that was definitely impossible.

After all, she would be the one to fight alongside with her. But if they have incompatible ideas from the start, then how would they be able to continue working together?

Lin Zhizhi naturally noticed the flash of worry in Ning Xi’s eyes. She looked at Zhao Meixin and unhurriedly spoke, “Sister Meixin seems to be misunderstanding something. We all know that in this line of work, being good looking is a gift from the heavens that few can boast of.  So why should I hate them?

What I hate is when the person only have good looks but no skills and no personality, just like a flower vase. Love for beauty is common for all. I do believe that Sister Meixin should understand it the most?”

Hearing this last sentence, Zhao Meixin’s expression changed immediately. What she understood the most?

This was clearly mocking her!

She was originally an actor, because it was difficult to succeed, she mainly focused on her image, often with cosmetic procedures……

Damn Lin Zhizhi. She usually did not speak, but when she did her words really stung! Honestly, it is  true that barking dogs seldom bite!

“You think she is not just a vase?”  Zhao Meixin asked sneering again.

“Yes and no. It’s better to speak with work rather than words as Sister Meixin is drawing a conclusion based on appearance.” Lin ZhiZhi finished and walked past her to leave.

“You……” Zhao Meixin was left stuttering and angry behind them.

After that brief confrontation, Ning Xi’s depression was swept away, and she cheerfully followed behind Lin Zhizhi.

“Sister Zhizhi, you were so cool ah! I felt so secure!  But you can rest assured, that I am certainly not a vase. Even if I were a vase, I am at least the Qing Emperor Qinglong. Blue and white porcelain sea dragon with clouds! Allowing beauty and strength to coexist!”

Lin Zhizhi looked at her, her lips imperceptibly hooked upwards, “Actions speak louder than words. Filming will start tomorrow, at that time, I will be accompanying you there.

Also, tomorrow it won’t be just me. The crew is also opening up to allow the media onto the set. At that time, there will be a lot of journalists coming over to you. You’ve been sent the latest script and the shooting schedule. You know that the highlight of the day will be a test of your acting. This will be your first battle, and we must properly prepare!”

In fact, these few days, she had been studying Ning Xi’s resume and viewing some of her previous work. She found out that the girl’s acting was really good, so now she was just waiting for tomorrow’s scene……

“I know, I will definitely give a good performance!”

Ning Xi said as she secretly looked at Lin Zhizhi. She grew more and more sympathize with her. How could a woman like Lin Zhizhi fancy Jiang Muye, that unreliable and playboy Golden Hair?

Because Lin Zhizhi was busy with other things, Ning Xi was accompanied by Xiao Tao.

Xiao Tao was very lively, talking non-stop along the way. Ning Xi heard a lot of company secrets and gossip from her.

“Sigh, since Sister Manyun left, the ones who were most pleased were  Zhao Meixin and Su Yi Mo, as they no longer had any rival! Although Su Yi Mo’s popularity was higher than Leng Manyun, it was all because she did a lot of junk commercial films. Man Yun’s films, although they were mostly art films, they had won many international awards. Her influence were way better than her okay? But we couldn’t do anything about it, because she has a very strong backing! Her skills were clearly not enough but yet she shamelessly occupy Golden Age’s Big Sister position!”

“Su Yi Mo’s has a strong backing?” Ning Xi asked

“Of course! Sister Xi, you don’t know?” Xiao Tao asked with a look of surprise. Then she conspiringly leaned towards Ning Xi’s ear and whispered, “Su Yi Mo’s backing ah……it’s President Lu!”


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