Chapter 252 – Abuse Dogs Again Ah!

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Translator: Akari, Blaze
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“Of course! Sister Xi, you don’t know?” Xiao Tao asked with a look of surprise. Then she conspiringly leaned towards Ning Xi’s ear and whispered, “Su Yi Mo’s backing ah……it’s President Lu!”

“President Lu? Lu Jingli?” Ning Xi’s first reaction is Lu Jingli. In her heart, as Lu Jingli has no moral integrity……

Xiao Tao abruptly shook her head, then pointed upwards, meaning the people above Lu Jingli.

This caused Ning Xi to be somewhat surprised. Raising a brow, she asked, “Lu Ting Xiao?”

Xiao Tao nodded, then looked around nervously before whispering, “Shh……In short, just know it in your heart and don’t say it out loud.”

Ning Xi touched her chin thoughtfully, “But why is it that there’s no wind of such juicy gossip at all outside?”

“Who would dare speculate about Big Boss ah? That’s why only the people in our company know about it!” Xiao Tao explained.

“I see……”

Not waiting for Ning Xi to ask for more details, Xiao Tao was unable to hold back any longer and directly began gossiping, “In the beginning, Su Yi Mo was just going back and forth between B and C-list. There were people above her who were more popular everywhere. In the end, don’t know how but, she managed to seduce our Big Boss, and even got in his good grace. Then suddenly, all of the company’s resources were given to her to pick and choose, and just like a rocket, she rapidly rise to success……”

Xiao Tao felt angrier the more she said, and resentfully said, “Our Sister Manyun fought hard with perseverance and consistency to attain today’s achievements, yet she was suppressed just like that, it’s too unfair……”

Hearing how logical Xiao Tao was, Ning Xi believed that such thing really did happen, but, what exactly was the relationship between Su Yi Mo and Lu Ting Xiao……

Even though Xiao Tao did not say it explicitly, but from her tone, it was like……’slept together’ relationship?

But, from Ning Xi’s understanding of Lu Ting Xiao, she naturally did not believe Xiao Tao’s gossips fully.

Xiao Tao, who was talking without cease, suddenly had the self realization that she was boosting other people’s power and prestige and felt that it was inappropriate. Thus she hurriedly consoled Ning Xi, “Cough, but then, Sister Xi, your backing is also very powerful; you were personally scouted by our Second Young Master!”

Even though Xiao Tao said it like that, but there was disappointment in her tone.

She was originally Leng Manyun’s assistant. She was transferred over with Lin Zhizhi to assist Ning Xi.

Last time, when she was with Leng Manyun, people showed her respect wherever she was. As compared Leng Manyun, Ning Xi was just a small newbie, and she was now Ning Xi’s assistant. When she thought of how she needed to bow down to Su Yi Mo’s agent and assistant in the future, she inevitably felt unhappy.

How could Ning Xi possibly missed the disappointment on Xiao Tao’s face, but then, Xiao Tao’s reaction was normal, so she did not take it to the heart.

Just that, Su Yi Mo was a problem, so she would not just let the matter slide……

After all, these seven days to her was of great importance, and any little mishap can affect her decision.

Thus, Ning Xi did not waste any effort to blindly guess. She took out her phone and gave him a text–––

[What is your relationship with Su Yi Mo?]

Meanwhile, at Lu Group.

Inside the conference room, Lu Ting Xiao was currently having a meeting. At this moment, the phone at his side vibrated.

While listening to his subordinate’s report, Lu Ting Xiao glanced at his phone.

Then, all of the subordinate who were in the room saw a super rare scene–––

Their Big Boss, who hardly ever gave a smile, was actually looking at his phone, his features were warmly smoothed out, and a pleasant smile could be seen……


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  1. Hahahaha…. Lu Ting Xiao, don’t tell me you’re amused by the fact your “supposed to be” fiancé is asking you about another woman…. Don’t worry she’s not worried, she’s just a gossip…

    My Advice: Mr. LU, don’t think too optimistically, she might use that to say no to your proposal…

    Tha ks for the chapter!!!!

  2. I think that NX wants a reason to reject LTX she forget that he is against “premarital sex ”
    Thank you L’équipe

  3. Nuuuuuuuuuuuoh Big Bun you are in trouble!! The points you raked up are in trouble!!! 😂😂 thanks for the chapter, Blazaria, Akari and Cfadmode. Funny how i could just do and be like A, B,C.

  4. Eh, she almost entirely disbelieves it, but… Well, there is the Little Bun, so unless he managed to adopt someone with his own genes, clearly he got busy at some point a few years ago. He better answer clearly, and as marinajenes says, shamelessly, otherwise he could be facing a Ning Xi who suspects Su Yi Mo of being Little Treasure’s “unknown” mommy.

    On a side note, how in the heck did they ever find the baby without, y’know, the mother telling them about him? Did he come with a genetic GPS?

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