Chapter 258 – The Birth Of The Demon Princess

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Translator: Akari, Blaze
Editor: cfadmode

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After a short break, the second shoot began.

Why was this scene said to be important?

It was because it was the most sadistic scene, it was the biggest climax in the entire drama. It was the important turning point before Meng Changge entered the palace for revenge.

This turning point was crucial, as it affects the character setting for Meng Changge at the latter part of the drama, and the audience’s opinion of Meng Changge.

Since the difference in military strength between the two armies was too great, this war, Meng Changge still lost.

She watched the death of her deputy, as his neck was step broken by the horses on the battlefield. She watched her most beloved younger brother’s head being cut off and displayed on the sword in humiliation……

She was separated with Sun Huanqing in the battle. By the time she went back to find him, she saw him getting pierced by enemy arrows straight through the heart……

She was too late to even bid their last farewell…….


The last thread in Meng Changge’s heart is completely broke, she felt torn apart from what she saw, and tumbled as she ran at full speed towards him.

She slumped to the floor, looking at the body filled with arrows in her arms. She shouted in despair, “Ahh––”

Two trail of tears rolled down her cheeks which were covered in blood……

Ning Xi’s explosive acting was simply shocking and engaging, the scene had drawn everyone into it, pulling their hearts into it.

The next second, Meng Changge stood pointing her sword at the sky, then began frantically fighting with rest of the enemy.

Due to Meng Changge’s fierce and dark aura, the enemy, despite being high in numbers, were all frightened and became timid and weak-willed. As a result, about a hundred people were beheaded by her one by one……

In this scene, Ning Xi did not use a substitute martial artist, but personally fought, while it was emotional the action was also very remarkable. Her act was the most beautiful interpretation of this tragic scene.

The battle was finally over. In this vast battlefield, she was the last living being.

The whole battlefield was full of blood, layers of corpses, while a dilapidated flag fluttered in the wind……

Meng Changge shakily clutched her chest before sinking to her knees, panting exhaustively.

Following her grief and rage, she slowly lowered her lover’s head, using her knees as pillow and wiped off the dirt on his face. Her face had no sorrow nor joy.

Ning Xi’s silence at this moment was for the subsequently inserted clips of the memories of the time between the two. Ning Xi’s expression was such that despite the absence of the pictures of the memories, her silence still portrayed her emotions. This silence made everyone in the studio follow through her emotions, and recall every single bit of the memories she had with Sun Huanqing, from the start to his abrupt end.

After a while, the recalling of memories stopped.

Meng Changge desolate eyes suddenly gazed far off into the distance––

As if seeing past the battlefield, through the snow capped mountains,  across the vast expanse of the desert, and straight to the capital, past the palace walls, and staring straight at the fatuous emperor and the treacherous concubine……

As if a strong gust of wind filled with blood blew past her, she clenched her jaw and closed her eyes.

Gradually, her blood stained bright red lips slowly smiled, like a peach blooming in winter.

Strange, but beautiful.

An alluring smile.

At that moment, as the generals died defending their homeland, was the birth of this generation’s disaster, the Demon Princess.

The Meng family served the palace generations over generations, yet her father, her three elder brothers, her youngest brother, and her most beloved one, all died on the battlefield. Her heart was really sincere, she was loyal to the kingdom, and she only wanted to guard her people, but yet she was forced step by step into an environment of death……

In this country, this world, what else was worth of her guardianship?

Since that was the case…….she would destroy them all!


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