Chapter 265 – The Big Devil Arrived (Sponsored)

Lu Group, Presidential Office

Lu Ting Xiao called Lu Jingli over the intercom, telling him to come over.

Lu Jingli hurried over, “Brother, you called me.”

“Are the conference materials ready?

“Yes yes, here it is.”

“En, inform the department to meet in half an hour.”

“Oh, well……good……”

Lu Jingli did not  go immediately, but looked troubled and somewhat distracted.

Lu Ting Xiao raised his head, and looked at him, “What?”

Lu Jingli was so scared he almost jumped up, “Nothing ah! Its nothing, nothing!”

Lu Ting Xiao put down his pen and looked at him with a penetrating gaze.

Lu Jingli stood up straight, like a soldier in a parade, trying to maintain his calm despite the fact that his guilt was clear from his performance.

Five seconds later, Lu Ting Xiao finally removed his glare.

Just when Lu Jingli finally began to feel relieved, he saw Lu Ting Xiao quickly tap on the computer keyboard a few times, then press the enter key.

Lu Jing could clear see that Lu Ting Xiao pressed several letters spelling–Ning Xi.

He was finished!

His own brother personally retrieved it!

Brother ah! Why are you so resourceful!”

After Lu Ting Xiao entered the searchword, instantly all the latest and hot news about Ning Xi all jumped out–

[Jiang Muye and Ning Xi playing games till late in the night in an intimate manner, a suspicious situation]

[Similar age, like-minded, similar interest, the Jiangning match index is a hundred percent!]

[Both sides responded that they’re just good friends, the fans a screaming together]

[Jiangning Annual review states the best matching couple]


Not wanting to see the expression on Lu Ting Xiao’s face now that he has seen something he wasn’t supposed to, Lu Jing Li closed his eyes, afraid to look at his brother’s face.

Lu Ting Xiao turned off his computer, pulled out his chair, and put on his coat, “Lu Jingli, prepare the car.”

“Ah? What about the meeting?”

“Postponed until tomorrow.”

“Where are you going?” Lu Jingli swallowed and anxiously followed behind him.


“Inspection?” This can’t be……

At the same time, in the outskirts of Beijing Film Studio.

Because the Latern Festival is the scene of the first kiss, a lot of time and financial resources were spent for the sake of perfection. Since Ning Xi and Jiang Muye’s performance was very good the last time, the director decided to only redo the latter half,  saving time and money.    

In order to allow the actors to have a better state of mind, he also specifically sent away all the irrelevant personnel on set.

Finally, everything was ready, Guo Qisheng was about to start the filming, when the producer Wang Tai frantically ran over pulling the deputy director Zhang Rui along with him.

Guo Qisheng was surprised when he heard the news, “The boss of Golden Age is coming to personally inspect? Why so suddenly? But it’s alright, Ning Xi and Jiang Muye have no problem acting, let him come!”

Wang Tai anxiously clutched his thighs, “Give me some credit director, if it was just Golden Age’s boss why would I be so nervous? It is the Big Boss! The God who rules the Lu Group!”

Guo Qisheng looked stupidly shocked, “What? You don’t mean……Lu……Lu Ting Xiao?”

“Correct! Director Gu you come with me to greet him! Zhang Rui quickly go talk to the staff and give the two actors an account of the events! Fast!”

“I know, I’ll go now!”


Everything was well prepared, yet the shooting has not began. Guo Qisheng and Wang Tai had  suddenly disappeared.

A man suddenly ran over, seeing it was Zhang Rui Ning Xi immediately asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong assistant director?”


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  1. Doom.
    Someone may need to put him in shackles before they re-shoot the scene. Otherwise, their actor will be in the hospital while their actress is hauled away to parts unknown.

    1. Shackles ???Do you really think LTX can be contained while he watches a kissing scene between Ning Xi and Jiang Muye. He hasn’t had a proper kiss yet. Some ” Pepples “gonna have a bad time tonight.

  2. All I can say is…


    RIP Jiang Muye. Uncle won’t let you off if you’re messing around with his woman, even if it’s for a film shoot.

  3. When I first read that the kissing scene was back on all I could think was is it going to hail again or what kind of weather is LTX going to create this time.
    But this time he is actually going on set!!!! I wonder if this is going to help or hurt his cause.
    Thanks for the chapter.

      1. Unfortunately not because of licensing issues. Although I considered releasing summaries, Qi is releasing it at a good pace and since the HM is almost over (should be ending today or tomorrow) they will probably finish it in a timely manner

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