Phoenix Against the World Chapter 4 – Respect the Strong (2)

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Bei Yue sighed gently and said: “Don’t worry, since I now occupy your daughter’s body, I will not let her death be in vain.”

As her words finished, the lights on the tablet gradually dispersed.

Arranging her pure white skirt, Huang Bei Yue turned and slowly exited the ancestral hall.

“Tao Yan, you shouldn’t be here, there are people in the ancestral hall~” a delicate feminine voice sounded in a dark corner of the courtyard.

“What are you afraid of? What can that sicky ghost inside there do? Didn’t you say she was a fool? She is even less than a slave!”

Sickly ghost? A fool? She can’t even compare to a slave? Sure enough the previous Huang Bei Yue was too weak.

“But, I’m shy~~~”

“What shy? Darling/baby, a little faster, I can’t stand it ~~~”

The sound of rustling clothes could be heard, and then a burst of rapid breathing followed discordant crash/pounding.

Arriving to see this kind of thing is really unlucky!

Huang Bei Yue walked slowly as the moon gradually shifted to shine on her face.

With a pale complexion, a thin little face, and the result of being sickly and taking medicine year round, her eyes appear to have sunk deep into her sockets. After kneeling for a day and night, she appears even more haggard and disheveled, her white dress fluttering about.

In the corner, a stout man had a seventeen-year-old girl pressed against the wall, excitedly performing the movements (sexual), completely unaware of the deadly fatal crisis slowly approaching.

The girl also began to feel good, lightly moaning, her two white legs tightly wrapped around the man’s waist.

Within the quiet of the ancestral hall, the sound seems to be even harsher.

The First Princess’ memorial tablet is inside, yet these two people are actually here shamelessly consorting. Clearly they don’t know to respect the dead.

Is it because the First Princess’ daughter is sickly, that they can act with impunity?

The expression on Huang Bei Yue’s little face was cold and clear. She took a step past and by chance the girl glanced up to see her floating in white, scaring her to bits.


“How can there be a ghost? There are no ghosts inside, faster, faster baby……uh……”

The man only had time to issue a vague sound before click, the man’s neck was twisted off!

“Ah—“ the girl exclaimed, eyes widened in fear.

“Keep shouting if you want to die.” Throwing the man’s dead body on the floor, Huang Bei Yue picked up the girls outer garment and wiped her hands.

That disgusting thing of a man, killing him made her feel sick. But for daring to insult the First Princess Hui Wen had she bothered to kill him.

Dirtying her own hands!

When the girl heard this, she closed her mouth tightly, her whole body shivering in fear.

Looking at the face in the bright moonlight, wasn’t this the third miss who was kneeling in the ancestral hall?

Why then, did she see the third miss’ ghost come to life?

“I am not a ghost” finished wiping her hands clean, Huang Bei Yue’s lips curled into a cold smile, “What you saw, if you dare reveal a word to anyone outside, you will end up like him. Do not even think of trying to go complain to concubine Qin. I am not the previous Huang Bei Yue.”

No one would dare treat their life as a joke, especially after seeing her mercilessly wring a person’s neck!

In this moment, Pei Xiang Hong has only one idea in her heart – the Third Miss, is definitely possessed by a ghost!

The her just now was just like Shura reincarnated! Her aura was so cold and ruthless, it made her hair stand on end!


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