Phoenix Against the World Chapter 6 – Respect For The Strong (4)

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I can’t believe that coming to the First Princess’ Household would actually yield such an unexpected hatvest. 

Heartlessly unyeilding. Coldly walking ahead without turning back.He suddenly felt very interested with this young miss.

“Your Highness……” in the darkness, a low call could be heard.

With a wave of his hands, whipping his white robes sleeve, the ghostly figure disappeared into the night.

************Bei Yue Dynasty*************
Flowing cloud pavilion

This was the most remote court yard in the First Princess’ Residence. The overgrown weeds combined with the shadows of large swaying trees gave it a ghostly appearance, likely to startle people.

Soon after Princess Hui Wen’s death, the doctor diagnosed her with having contracted a severely contagious illness causing her to be moved to this deserted courtyard.

Previously, she had lived in the Green Jade Courtyard, but now that was occupied by Concubine Xue and the Second Young miss Xiao Yun.

The Second Young Miss Xiao Yun was a fifteen-year-old 3-star summonder. Within the girls of the younger generation, she was considered a rarely seen genius.

In addition to the Crown Prince, Xiao Yun was the number one person in the limelight (at the peak of popularity).

Therefore, Xiao Yun was extremely pampered at home. Even Concubine Qin, who gave birth to the eldest son Xiao Zhong Qi would not dare provoke her.

Xiao Yun and her mother Concubine Xue were not particularly harsh towards Huang Bei Yue. In her memory, Concubine Xue never had her beaten and abused like Concubine Qin, and her sister Xiao Yun only haughtily looked down on her as a waste.

When Huang Bei Yue was gravely ill, it was Concubine Xue who brought medicine and food to her.

Wrong, had the medicine delivered!

Huang Bei Yue pushed open the door to the Flowing Cloud Pavillion, and quickly returned to cold dark room. Lighting up the candle, she picked up the usual jar of medicine that Concubine Yue had delivered and sniffed it.

Quickly frowning, she thought as expected, it’s strange!

The medicine jar has slight traces of poison. Taking it once is not fatal, however over time, it would cause the body to become weaker until finally, the whole body would become limp, causing a person to be bound to the bed for their entire lifetime

Such a good poison ah! No wonder Huang Bei Yue’s body had always been so weak. Even when her mother the First Princess had been alive, regardless of how many doctors were called, they were all helpless.

It is hard to find this small trace of poison, only Huang Bei Yue who had personally tested a variety of poisons in the modern day would be able to sniff it out immediately.

What a good Concubine Xue. The First Princess was not unkind to you. Without her you would still only have the status of concubine from the outer chambers (i.e. a mistress not an official wife or concubine). Instead of being grateful, you instead use this kind of vicious poison to harm her daughter.

Huang Bei Yue sat down slowly, breathing deeply. There was no need to worry, these people, she would pay them back slowly, one by one.

Death was too cheap a punishment for them!
When the sky was getting bright, Huang Bei Yue wasn’t asleep. Instead she was attempting to meditate on the bed. The strange thing was every time she gathered Qi to circulate through her dantian, it would immediately disappear.

“F***! Really am a waste!” Even though she was sickly, she was unable to even condense qi.

In this martial era, powerful countries strong stood side by side, constantly warring. Strength is the only criteria used to determine a person’s status. It is no wonder that as the First Princess’s daughter, she Princess Huan Bei Yue with such a prestigious lineage, could be considered as the joke of Nan Yi country.

No one would sympathize with the weak!

Only the strong would be respected!

Huang Bei Yue quickly recalled this worlds information in her mind.

In the Carta continent, confusion and chaos continued for more than a hundred years. Because of all the turbulence, and culture decline, martial arts began to flourish, creating the opportunity for warriors to be respected in this day and age.

As long as you are strong enough, you can run and dominate any country.


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