Chapters 1-3

According to the previous translators wishes, Here are the links for the first 3 chapters of Sonata: FAAAM

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

As a side note, we will NOT be translating First Love Then Marriage as another translator is currently working on it. Thanks to Marmaladene for letting us know!
Here’s the link: ( )

I will choose a different novel from our suggested backlog 🙂


10 thoughts on “Chapters 1-3

  1. I Loooooovvveeee you sooooo much…
    My wish came true.. Lol
    I really love the first 3ch.. Thank you so much for picking this one up

  2. As I’m an novelsholic I will read it just because you are the translator ” pour tes beaux yeux ”
    Just i want to know your program for this one because I can’t stand the slow progression
    Bon courage

    1. So one of our editors really wanted this one. The chapters are reeeally long though so they will probably be released in parts or every other day. We want to make sure to prioritize HM

      1. OK its not for pressure feel free in what you are working I know its hard so its just from curiosity hhhh and honestly im tired from being addicted to a novel and suddenly they dropped it or its blocked for months
        I will enjoy it because I trust you ( or I will learn the Chinese language as the last solution hhhhh LOL )

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