First blog post – Hidden Marriage

Hello everyone, what’s good. This is my very first blog post so I’m keeping it very simple. I’m sure most people have heard about the drama going on with Qidian. Since that is happening, one of the novels I am really into Hidden Marriage by Jiong Jiong You Yao is being dropped by Volare Novels due to this problem.

I decided to pick it up and translate it despite not knowing Chinese because I’ve been keeping up with the raws and don’t want to see it dropped. I hope I can bring a few readers who really like the novel some happiness despite my poor translations.(I know very little Chinese and this is my very first translation, so I’m just going through the chapters I’ve read and trying to translate. ) I hope you guys stick with me and thanks.

Regardless, please call me Blazaria or Blaze. It’s a  pleasure to meet you all and please treat me kindly!



21 thoughts on “First blog post – Hidden Marriage

  1. Thanks Blaze, I really was quite saddened by the effect of the drama on this novel’s translation.
    I just read the translation, it’s good enough, better than reading the summaries or just dropping it. 🙂
    Thanks again. I hope you don’t get in trouble for this. (from QI)

  2. The Goddess has descended and continue tranlating the novel.

    Thank you. The translation is good enough. Hope you don’t get in trouble and wish for updates to come.

    Please shower us with daily/weekly dosage of blissful chapters. Hope u well

  3. thanks blaze for translating it, i dropped alot of novels to read HM, i was planning on translating it but im too lazy.

    thanks and ur doing great with the translation.
    btw i dont watch dramas only if its a anime with comedy.

  4. Omg, I just acidentaly clicked on “Hidden Marriage” on novel updates reminicing about old time where i could reald new chapters and then i saw that you where translating this, I am so happy thank you so much! Btw right now it is 3 am where I am right now lol

      1. Lol, with all of those spelling mistake in one paragraph I definitely need some sleep, goodnight😀

  5. Thank you so much for translating this. I dropped my phone when on saw on novel updates that there were more chapter of hidden marriage being translated.

  6. I didn’t know anything about this and I have just find out now that I was in novel’s update so no matter if there are errors just because you are trying I love you so much 😭😭 I thought I was never going to see my little bom again

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 sorry if it feels like im screaming but technically i am internally. i loveeeee you. i willl fooolllloww to the ends of the earth.. I know a little chinese.. but not enough to rely on my own skills. that's why i was so sad this was dropped. but im so happy that it got picked up <3 <3 thanks sosososo much

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