Information For Hidden Marriage Nation

So I had a pretty awesome funny informative post but my hotel has poor internet so it’s gone.

So here was the general gist of things:


Sorry for posting late(Didn’t keep the 2 a day schedule)

Sorry for unedited chapters (they’re pretty bad)

Sorry for blank chapter postings(they will be filled in shortly when I have internet for more than 5 minute intervals)

Sorry for not responding to comments, I see them but they’re buffering so slow or not at all in the hotel I’m at.


I’m talking with ‘the people’ about the contract to see if I can get it modified or cut a deal. Otherwise ehhhh, we’ll talk about that later. (Currently leaning towards not signing but talking to the agent)

Should get the rest of my chapter stockpile within the next couple days (as a side note, they will most likely be unedited) but we’re trying to batch release if things fall through so readers will be satisfied/and if we do have to sacrifice hm we’ll get our moneys worth and can own our own site so we can’t be pressured by pesky things like laws. Ideally I want to get you guys caught up with the summary meaning 26 chapters remaining.

At some point this week when things calm down for me at work/here/and school we’ll release a poll as well as samplers(maybe) for the novels we want to pick up. We are always open to suggestions, and I’m pretty partial to dropped novels.

Thanks to all the readers for their support, comments, and advice! I really appreciate it!

P.s. Kouki go to sleep! XD


16 thoughts on “Information For Hidden Marriage Nation

  1. You don’t have to apologize blazaria we appreciate your effort even with less number of chapters and don’t worry about the unedited ones we can understand the meaning
    For the problem of the contract I hope that they don’t make it hard for you because the victims will be us who can’t understand the Chinese language and in the same time we are addicted to novels and personally if you drop this one I will never read Chinese novels again because now I think this is a selfish decision from qidan that will isolate Chinese culture
    As always thank you et que dieux t’aidera et te protΓ©gera

  2. I have really nothing much to say about Those people cause the details are vague and WW’s claims and QI’s claims sigh…we all just want the Bun family and little bun being adorbale is just πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•. And I’m just confused though are you guys open for other novels to pick up cause there’s a chance that you might *gulps* dropped this novel?😨

    1. since the standard contract of qi is really bad for the translator according to what was leaked…

      Wouldn’t want our translator to slave through this just because of hm..

      that would be really the worst fate.

      and of details are vague because nda so that the bad side can be hidden… but their quarrel is not important for this…

      the most important thing is blazaria does what she think is right… and if she get adjustments to the contract it would be better …

      but we should face reality and prepare ourselves…
      Because I don’t think they would adjust the contract to our favour. It would most likely remain as a work for hire which leaves the translator with no rights to their own work and are simply paid by chapter with qi owns everything.

      So if the worst thing happened at least we are prepared for it. And nevertheless give our translator our support.

      Brace yourself for Impact I would say.

      1. I will. I respect all the translators and translator groups across the world. I mean srsly if it weren’t for them I would never be able to have the chance to discover this sorts of stories and plots, I’ve actually learned some sayings and it felt like I had a glimpse of the culture and history through the novels. In fact it feels like qi wouldn’t have even bother translating them if it weren’t for those kind hearted translators who just wants to share to us these fine gems we wouldn’t even be able to know of their existence and now that it has the attention and international exposure gained through those translators now qi wants to monopolize it by what? Giving out unfair rates? That’s just so stupid. Respect to the authors of the novels, respect to the translators and those money mongrel publishers…may karma strike them hard😊

  3. Thank you sooooo much for the chunk load of chapters, I’m sure no one is going to point the finger or shame you in any way. Most of us assumed that this novel would be dropped ages ago and wasn’t expecting your arrival. We are thankful if anything and adore you for continuing on. πŸ™‚ Whatever you decide to do with the contract, we would support your decision.

    Again, thank you so much for the chapters. Heart racing just reading how the situation got reverse! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. lets take a step back if u dont want to join QI n they didnt allow u to translate their novel..

    we dont want u to involve in legal matter just for satisfaction..

  5. I’v been wondering. Is the contract spesific to english translations of this novel or every other language?
    Really interested in translating it to my own language…
    But i’m just a singel person and a novice in the translating community…
    Any info would be good.
    Thank you

  6. Please don’t apologize, the only reason we can keep reading this awesome novel is due to the goodness in your heart that is willing to do it for us, non-chinese speakers. You are awesome and no one who is truly a fan of this great novel is going to dare accept these apologies. it is us that are very thankful to you.
    Now I will say it in my mother languase cuz I think sounds more sincere, even though it is completely unnecessary: Muito Obrigada por estar traduzindo essa novel! MUITO OBRIGADA!

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