Level Up Doctor Choi Kiseok Chapter 1

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Haejin was walking down the dark tunnel.

The destination is the end of the tunnel, where the bright light is shining.

But he doesn’t know why he must reach the end of the tunnel. He just follows his body as it is telling him to keep walking.

How far has he been walking?


Haejin stopped walking for the first time. It wasn’t that he was exhausted. That’s the not the point. In fact, his physical body didn’t register tiredness at all.

He just couldn’t justify the need to keep walking. So, he stopped.

“It becomes easier if you give up, hey.”

“You always do things in a hard way.”

Words from his colleagues and seniors were ringing to his ears and suddenly he collapsed.

It is time to take a break.

After all, nobody notices you for living your life to your best.

The light from the end of the tunnel becomes faint.

Haejin’s body started to blend into the darkness.

“Thank you so much, doctor.”

Suddenly, a woman’s smile appeared before him.

The first female patient after starting the residency.

Remembering her, whose dream was to be a celebrity, he made a little smile on his face.

But that wasn’t the end.

Every patient he had treated so far went through in his mind.

Warm feeling slowly spread throughout his body, he regained the energy to stand up.

Haejin began to walk again.

Maybe he could see their smile again once he got out of this tunnel.

Since then, countless time has past.

Haejin finally reached to the end of the tunnel, thanks to his unyielding willpower.


The dazzling light wrapped his body after passing the tunnel.



Haejin opened his eyes with groan.

His eyes become wider as he began to scan his surrounding.

Currently Haejin is on the hospital bed with fluid injected to his vein. It is no question that he is in the hospital as he got into the car accident since he last remembered.

The only thing is that he is in the sterile room.

Sterile room.

Usually used for pediatric cancer or leukemia patients.

He was in a private room, furnished with TV and other amenities.

He tried to sit up in his bed, thinking something is wrong.


His face got stiffened when he checked the patient name tag.

Patient Number : 859741

Male/Giseok Choi/26 years old

Unable to believe this, he checked himself on the mirror.

Reflected on the mirror, he found a young man whose face is as white as fresh flour dough, looking back at him. He couldn’t’ believe this. He couldn’t close his mouth.

“What is this? What is going on?”

He stared at the mirror with disbelief and astonishment.

Turning into someone completely different after hit by the car?

What on earth is going on? How is this possible?

He pinched his cheek, hoping it was a dream. But it wasn’t. He could feel the pain.

He got lost in thoughts, sitting on the edge of the bed.


Giseok’s memory flashed before him with odd, mechanic sound.

He is the son from a wealthy family. He has been always good at school work, never miss the top rank of his class. He went to medical school with greatest reputation in the country, Ui-Jin University.

In university, he went to the doctor due to shortness of breath and chest pain. Then he learned the terrible news.

He was diagnosed with myocardiopathy.

His heart become worse despite the treatment and it hit the lowest point while medical license exam. He had been listed on the heart transplant waiting list and recently got Haejin’s heart transplanted.

“Then why……”

Haejin started at the ceiling with despair.

If I donated the organ, then Giseok should have been alive, not me.

He couldn’t wrap his head around with this idea.

“Perhaps this is my another chance…”

He murmured to himself after long silence.

The owner of this physical body, Giseok, just graduated medical school and took his license exam. In other words, Haejin becomes Giseok and build his new life as a general doctor.

Sorry to the original owner, but Haejin is helpless to this situation.

He looked at his two hands without words.

In the past, he was a third-year resident in cardiac surgery.

He did his best to become a good doctor, but his ability wasn’t that good.

After finishing internship, when he told people that he applied to the cardiac surgery all of his colleagues made fun of him.

‘Here comes the doctor who kills his patients.’

Some didn’t shy away from telling him how terrible he is.

He endured all nasty comments and looks and continued his study. Then he met both with the luck and bad.

The luck was to surprise everyone with his determination. The bad was getting into a car accident.

“Let’s start again.”

His eyes become brighter with fierce.

A life as a doctor, given second time.

This time for real, will I become the best surgeon in cardiac department.

Perhaps it is his way to pay his debt to Giseok by becoming the best doctor he can possibly be.

It was right at that moment.

Clink. Clink.

Turning his gaze to the window by the sound of footsteps, his eyes were met with a nurse who’s rounding.

She flinched from unexpected gaze.

“Are you awake now?”

Miae Lee, the nurse, greeted him at the front of his door.


“Just be a moment.”

Moment later, she came into the room wearing a gown for sterile room.

She checked his vitals and gave him a biggest smile.

“Everything looks normal. Anything bothering you?”

“No, nothing at all.”

He shook his head.

His head felt heavy and drowsy but that’s because he has been lied down so long as if the dead. He couldn’t feel any side effect from heart transplant.

A brief silence past and he opened his mouth.

“Well…… nurse…”

“Yes? Do you need anything?”

“No, No. I don’t need anything.”

He rubbed his eyes vigorously.

“Don’t hesitate. You don’t need to hide anything.”

“No, I really don’t need anything.”

“Just give me a shout if you need anything or something bothers you.”

She exited the sterile room.

“Are you gone insane now you are in someone else’s body?”

Haejin kept starting at the spot where Miae was standing. Whether it’s delusion or what, but he kept seeing something weird.

He drank a cup of water on the table and stood before the mirror.

Astonishingly, he saw the same thing from a moment ago.

Job/Career: Resident/Cardiology

Physical : 6/10

Diagnostic ability: 5/10

Surgical ability: 4/10

Clinical ability: 3/10

Reputation: 0

Active skills

[Must save life Lv.2] : Unavailable

  • If you treat a patient in urgent status or treat a complicated patient, your skills improve intermittently.
  • You can go up to 5 levels.

Passive skills

[The Eye of Hippocrates Lv.1]: In use

  • As a physician, you can take a glance of patient’s status.
  • The higher your level, the more information you get.
  • You can go upto level 3
[Would you change from physician mode to patient mode?]


All information sparkled in golden letters.

“This is nuts.”

He buried his head into his hands.

The weird vision he thought as illusion wasn’t illusion at all.

He can’t just pretend all of this is phantom as it is so lively and feel so real.

The most surprising thing is that it indicates his skill level.

As if it is a character from playing game.

“The Eye of Hippocrates…”

He rubbed his cheek with one hand.

It looks like the information coming up as if a tab from passive skills.

Haejin slowly started to accept the reality.

Car accident, brain dead, heart transplant then a new life.

He is going through miraculous experience one after the other since awake.

It didn’t take him long time to gain game skills.

He went through each skill one by one.

In fact, the owner of physical body is not a doctor yet.

Only when do you pass the exam becomes a general doctor. But the status window says a resident and the major is cardiology.

What does this mean?

The status window was following Haejin, not Giseok.

Haejin started at the status window for a long time then noticed the very bottom part.

[Would you change from physician mode to patient mode?]

With a thought of change, the status window showed new one.


Physical: 6/10

Chief concern: Lethargy/ chest pain

Area: Heart

Status: non-urgent

Progress: very good

[The detailed information is unavailable from too low passive level]


“This will be useful.”

A smile spreads through his face.

When he is using a patient mode, he can gather information about the patient. With this he can almost come up with the care plan without many tests.

When his passive level improves, so does its usefulness.

Suddenly he felt his hands getting strong.

Undoubtedly this is the chance.

The universe has given him a chance, a dumb.

As he thought to close all windows, every window melted away like a snow.

Haejin went back to his bed and locked his gaze at the name tag.


Patient number: 859741

Male/Giseok Choi/26 years old


Now I’m Giseok Choi.


Next morning.

He was using a computer with the Eye of Hippocrates.

He’s been researching celebrities using their pictures.

“of course, it is a scam if it works.”

He nodded his head silently.

He experimented to see if he can gather information without actually meeting people.

It failed.

Even the experiment failed, he kept the status window.

Passive Skill The Eye of Hippocrates

He can go upto Level 3.

Considering this skill is passive, he wondered the longer he kept it on the faster it will improve.

(Typing sound)

He searched a word, organ donation while doing his research.

There was an article about Giseok from current events.

The title was “From a Doctor to a Doctor”

[On December 23rd, Haejin Jung, a third-year resident at University of JinSeong, passed away from a car accident. Brain dead, he donated his heart, skin and ligaments and left this earth. With a luck, his heart went to a medical student, Giseok Choi, who was suffering from cardiomyopathy. Haejin was….]

The reason this was published on media was because Haejin and Giseok agreed to release their personal information as organ donator and receiver.

To promote and encourage public interest, if the organ donator or their representative agree to release information, this is publicly available.

In the past Haejin thought that personal information release consent was no question. Same for Giseok, as a medical student, who didn’t think the alternative.


He felt odd reading the article.

Being confirmed that he is dead by the media….

It was that moment.

“You are up early?”

Miae entered the sterile room.

Her hands held a tray with several devices including blood pressure machine on it.

“Yes. I couldn’t sleep.”

He sat on the edge of the bed.

“You don’t have to force it.”

Miae checked his vital and picked up a syringe.

Today he has a blood test.

The blood sample is sent to the lab and the result has to come out before the morning rounding.


The needle pierced through the skin.



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