Level Up Doctor Choi Kiseok Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Return (5)

His name is Jungi Choi.

He is 4 years younger than Giseok and currently lives by himself, going to suburban college.

It’s not yet comfortable with parents. And on the top of it, Giseok wasn’t sure what to do when faced with his brother.

Giseok scanned the room and sat on the couch.



Suddenly his eyes were met with Janggun’s.  But that was only for a second.

Janggun turned his faced and dismissed Giseok’s sight.

It is no question because in the past Giseok didn’t acknowledge Janggun at all.

“Hey, Janggun, come here.”

Giseok called Janggun clicking his tongue, but Janngun only answered by giving him a big yawn.

His heavy butts showed no signs of getting up.

So-called total dismissal

Giseok, without giving up, waved the snack he took from the drawer.

It is yet unfamiliar house and family.

Even if the other side is a pet, he felt the need to get to know them.

Every big journey starts with the first step.

“Hey, look at it.”

Janggun finally moved thanks to Giseok’s endless attempt.

Janggun walked towards Giseok and took beef jerky from him.

Then he went back to his usual spot and lied on his stomach.

So-called eat-and-run

Giseok frowned and his forehead got wrinkled.

Giseok, while getting tensed with Janggun, came up with an interesting idea.

“Try it?”

Giseok used the eye of Hippocrates on Janggun.


Physical: 6/10

Chief complaint: Joint pain

Area: Legs

Current status: non-urgent

Progress: Normal

[Due to low passive level, more detailed analysis is unavailable.]

Janggun’s information came up.

So, the physician mode also works on animals, not just with humans.

Giseok thought that perhaps he could become a veterinarian along with cardiologist.


He felt the vibration from his phone while relaxing on the couch.

Checking his phone, he found a message from one of his classmates from medical school, Gangjun Nam.

[Hey. Go to the website. They announced the result.]

[Isn’t it tomorrow, the result?]

[They released a day early. By the way, I passed. Hahaha]

[Well, you should when the passing rate is over 90%]

[yeah yeah. Taeho wants to see us at Gangnam this evening but I’m not sure. Talk to you later.]


Giseok went inside the room and turned on the computer.

His hands shook slightly, typing his name and identification number. He showed off to Gangjun but he was worried.

He couldn’t focus 100% on the test due to chest pain and shortness of breath.


He clicked the mouse after typing his personal information.


Giseok wandered around, hands in his coat pocket at the meeting spot.

Current location is Exit 9 at Gangnam station.

As if shaming the moon on the sky, various signs on the street beamed with bright lights.

The street was full of office workers who finished their night shift and salesman hanging out after works.

Giseok checked his phone and frowned.

It is 9 o’clock, the time they were supposed to meet up. But nobody was there but himself.

Today, he and his classmates are getting together to celebrate the test result.

His worry about not passing the test was useless.

His score and rank were very good.

‘How am I supposed to deal with these people?’

He lost himself in thoughts, wandering around.

It is ‘friends’ on the surface, but actually they are formed around Taeho Joe somewhat abnormally.

It is very absurd that he got invited for a drink today.

He just had his surgery and they invited him for a drink….

In the past, Giseok would hang out with them without thinking too much, but present Giseok had no intention to do it at all.

He would get out of as soon as he got a chance to do so.

While thinking these, someone came towards him waving hands.

“Hey, you look great!”

Who is this…

Giseok studied this person for a long time and finally realized that it is Gangjun.

“Oh, what is this, no hello to your friend?”

“Long time no see.”

Giseok answered, rather dully.

Technically, it was Giseok in the past who was close to Gangjun, not Giseok now.

And he has no intention to continue this relationship, going forward.

“You look weird, especially today. What’s up? Not feeling well?”

“What do you think?”

Gangjun was taken aback, by Giseok’s answer.

Normally, Giseok would have answered friendly with smile. But he hit back rather strongly. Gangjun thought it is unusual.

“Here comes Taeho.”

Gangjun changed the topic, pointing to Taeho walking from faraway.

Taeho, combed his hair neatly to back of his forehead was wearing a very expensive looking coat.

Ladies around him were busy to glance at him.

“It’s been a long time to see you outside. Let’s celebrate now that we all passed our exam.”

Taeho giggled, looking at Giseok.

Three of them were walking and settled in a luxurious bar.

Drinks and food were served, and they started talking.

The main topics were 2 things: one is which hospital they are going to do their internship and asking their seniors how the intership is like.

“One of the seniors I know told me that interns have to be three different things:  One is being tactical, second is to eat fast and the last is to work like a dog.

Taeho laughed with his teeth showing at Gangjun’s story.

“Hey, isn’t it funny?”

“Not really.”

Giseok didn’t find it funny. No facial expression on his.

In the past, he already went through internship and was in third year in residency.

He already experienced what Taeho and Gangjun haven’t yet.

‘You guys wouldn’t say those things when you are actually in internship.’

Giseok made a wry smile, in his mind.

“Anyway, did you guys decide on major?”

Taeho changed the topic, emptying his glass.

“I am interested in emergency medicine…”

Gangjun mumbled, while talking.

Emergency medicine is the most popular majors among recent graduates. It is very demanding but they don’t have to see in-patients, unlike other majors.

If you find someone who can cover for you, you can take up to 2 weeks off.

Recent government policy also contributed to make emergency medicine more appealing.

“I will follow wherever you go, Taeho.”

“Yeah, come to plastic surgery.”

Taeho continued after emptying his glass.

“I will open my own practice as soon as I got my license. My dad said he would open one for me around this neighbourhood. Once that’s done I will take both of you.”

Gangjun and Taeho continued their conversation but Giseok didn’t participate a bit.

“You are odd today?”

Taeho tilted his head.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“Not much.”

Giseok’s answer was very short.

Nothing interesting came out of people who just passed their exam.

He already went through many things including three years in residency.

Giseok played with his glass. It was still full, which Gangjun poured for him.

They didn’t nudge Giseok to drink much, knowing that he just had his surgery.

“Then which department are you going?”

“Cardiac surgery.”

Giseok answered, again very short.

In the past, present and even in the future, it will be always cariac department for him.

“Are you crazy? You are walking towards 3D with your own will?”

Gangjun and Taeho tried to persuade him to choose different department, but it came into Giseok’s one ear and out to another.

The starting point for him was different in the beginning.

While the conversation ceased for amoment, the door opened and two ladies came to the table.

It was their classmates, Hyejeong Oh and Seolhwa Jung.

“Babe, I’m here.”

Hyejung sit besides Taeho and Taeho wrapped her waist with his arm.

Seolhwa sat beside Hyejeong at the end of the seat.

“Look at them. They are over the moon.”

“Make your own girlfriend if you like. I’m not sure if that’s possible though.”

Hyejung teased Gangjun, leaning on Taeho. Then Taeho lowered his arm under the table and touched Hyejung’s thighs.


Seolhwa said greeting, shyly to Giseok and Giseok answered rather awkwardly.

“You look great now that you are out of the hospital.”

“Yeah? I just gained weight”

“No, you look better now.”

Seolhwa said the same thing as Miae. As if she already talked with Miae before.

Giseok started at Seolhwa for a moment.

Something was missing.

Big glasses that cover most of her face and very faint makeup.

She would even look prettier than Hyejeong, given that her wardrobe gets some update.

“Is there something on my face?”

Seolhwa’s face got redden and try to avoid his gaze.

“Oh, no. Sorry.”

Giseok, feeling embrassed, joined Gangjun’s conversation.

Glasses were exchanged continuously and the conversation kept going.

Giseok, pretending to listen, stole a glance of Seolhwa here and there.

Seolhwa just listened to the conversation, chimed with others and smiled here and there.

A diamond in the rough.

He couldn’t believe that she hung out with this group of rude people.

Giseok ran across to Taeho, coming out of the washroom.

“Let’s get some air.”


They settled on the corner of the bar.


A smoke from Taeho’s cigarette soared to the sky.

“Hey. I just got my surgery. Drinks were okay since I didn’t have any. But smoking? Really?”

Giseok scolded at Taeho and Taeho, annoyed,  put cigarette butt onto the ground and grinded with his feet.

“Do you have any interest in Seolhwa?”

“Well, not really.”

“Be honest. You don’t know that she likes you?”

Giseok flinched at Taeho’s words. Then Taeho laughed so hard, pinching his stomach.

“Wow. It is not a joke that you have no romance cell in your body.”


“Then you don’t know Gangjun like Seolhwa either?”

“….. I know. I just heard.”

“hahaha. Well, the romance is between two people anyway, following their own will.”

Taeho looked at Giseok, grinding cigarette butt.

“You changed these days. Before you couldn’t meet my eyes.”

“It is weird not to meet one’s eye while talking. After all, we are not lying or something.”

“Is that so? I liked that you didn’t meet my eyes.”

“Dude, that’s pervert. Change your habit.”

Two people’s gaze were met with intensity.

While unexplainable tension was in the air, Taeho withdrew his gaze towards Giseok.

“You definitely changed.”

‘Of course. I’m not the pushover you used to know.’

Giseok mumbled in his head.

They looked at the corner while going back to the bar.

Suddenly their bodies stiffened.

Someone was lying on the street.

But it was only a second. Taeho, shuddred himself and opened the bar door.

“What are you doing? Are you not coming?”

“Hey, there is a person lying on the ground. Are you saying to ignore him?”

“Why do you ask such an obvious thing?”

Taeho continued with small giggle.

“Probably the drunk who couldn’t control himself. You can’t go by your day with tending everyone like him.”


“Don’t you hear me?”

Taeho’s forehead frowned.

Giseok, ignoring his words, was walking towards the corner.


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