Level-Up Dr Choi Kiseok Prologue

New series.

Translator: Ije0512

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(Door opening sound)

The door opened and a man in physician gown entered the ward room.

He looked up the patient near the window without a word.

Patient Number: 745898

Male/Haejin Jung/29 years old

The patient’s name tag twirled by the breeze from the window.


Taesik Kim bit his lips.

Haejin and Taesik both are residents in cardiac department, Haejin being the junior.

Until a week ago, that is.

Now this junior resident’s life is dependent on the ventilator, keeping his thread-like breathing going. He got hit by the car while went out and get some snacks.

His last words, “I will get some snacks”, came back to Taesik and it hurt his heart badly.

“I will let you go now.”


“Don’t be so sad. Like you said, this may be the fresh start, not the end.”

Taesik put his hand on Haejin’s chest.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The heart was beating crazily as if it tried to prove its existence.

“Your last words. Received.”

Taesik stormed out of the room.

Afterwards, nurses came and wheeled Haejin’s bed out to the operation room.

In winter with blazing wind, Haejin ended his short life in the hospital.

His death record says the following:

Automobile accident.

Organs donated followed by brain-dead status.


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