My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 10

Bai Lang smiled as he winked at the little dumpling: “Yo, Baby Gong, you even know about male on male relationships? You’re so young but your knowledge is very profound.”
Gong Jue’s face was sour: “Adjutant, which people who don’t have eyes dare to gossip outside?”

They dare to say he likes men?

He’d trample them, but tonight what happened on the operating table, when he mercilessly did things with sweet woman? (Blaze is a bit confused about this line)

Behind the door, the white-haired adjutant wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, before explaining: “Chief, it’s just some gossip tabloids, and some entertainment microblogs……”

Bai Lang happily said: “Yo, we are the extremely honorable armed forces of the empire, Even the president had to give him some leeway as he feared this King Of Hell—Now Chief Gong has become the darling of entertainment news, I now have the honor of taking the supporting male role and basking in the limelight……ha ha!”
Gong Jue ruthlessly ignored him, and ordered: “Block those tabloids, kill those amused entertainment blogs.”

Dare to spread such fake news, even the little dumpling knew, how could he endure this situation?

How would he retain his dignity as a father?

The adjutant nodded: “Yes, I will do this.”

Bai Lang started gloating: “Tragic, pitiful, looks like someone is unlucky tonight.”

Gong Jue gave him a cold look: “The African desert forces are currently lacking a military doctor. I’m rolling you out as support for a month!”

“Waaaa, you cannot be so cruel—–”

Ignoring the wailing Bai Lang, Gong Jue turned and glared coldly at the adjutant: “How come the people I asked for haven’t been brought?”
The adjutants face was embarrassed.

Slowly he took out a medical report: “The nurse……had gone……but the result of the examination was left.”

If he could, he really wanted time to slow down, but he slowly handed the Chief the results of his physical examination.

However, Gong Jue grabbed it, not delaying for even a second, before flipping through it.
All the report data flashed past, only one word stuck out, engraving itself deeply into his eyes.



This woman is absolutely deliberately humiliating him.

Gong Jue’s eyes shone with rage, his anger roiling inside him, but he calmly said: “Tell the special forces combat department to send a handwriting expert and a video analysis expert. Compare the handwriting, compare that surveillance video……those two women, find them out for me!”

Damn, tonight two women, one climbed his body (sex), and the other climbed into his head, they were clearly showing off.

If he did not ruthlessly clean up these two woman, his surname was not Gong!

“Tsk Tsk, Brother even using international espionage team, why do you care so much?”

“You shut up! Immediately depart to Africa!”

“Waaaa—–” Bai Lang wailed, looking sadly at the little dumpling he said, “Hey, be careful as you might have inherited your father’s illness, when you meet a woman……:”

The little dumpling stared back with his eyes like big dark grapes: “Who said I did? A miss touched my body and I am alright!”

The little dumpling proudly patted his small chest: “But Uncle Bai, I do not like you because you’re a slag man (lecherous), you always make the woman cry. I will be responsible for my woman who touched me!”

Bai Lang was speechless: “……”

He who had always been verbally sharp, was actually defeated by the little dumpling.

At that moment, the little dumpling’s ‘miss’ Gu Qi Qi was just entering the door of the Gu household.

The Gu family was one of Qingcheng’s city’s largest families. Qingcheng Hospital was the largest shareholder of her home.

Speaking reasonably, if she went to medical school, the Gu family should support her.

Unfortunately, the Gu family people would rather pull her down into hell, and not give her a chance to go to school!

Gu Qi Qi gritted her teeth, and stepped into the door.

She would ignore the Gu family’s plan, she wanted to grab her destiny and be the master of her own fate.

Tonight, she would change the college entrance examination form!

What was reported to the school, she had the final say, and there was no one who could force her.

Authors note:
【—At the little train station——】
Little dumpling: “Daddy, do you really like uncle Bai Lang and you don’t want me to capture the lady?”

Gong Jue’s sinister face: “Who said that? I’ll kill ‘em!”

Little dumpling pointed at some dumb author.

Gong Jue: Adjutant, take this stupid author and his book to the dogs!

Dumb author: Ai, originally I was originally going to write the story tonight and include the little lady sleeping on the couch naked, but unfortunately the dogs will still get me!

Gong Jue: Write it for me! If you don’t finish, you don’t sleep.


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  1. This father son team is hilarious. So Is the author!!!!!( I love ya)This probable relationship between QiQi and the Gong team has me stoked.Let’s see QiQi turn her family on it’s ear and maybe see her get a more considerate family in the process.

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