My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 11

I present the really shameless mother and daughter duo.

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Gu qiqi pushed the door open.

It was so late, the Gu family should have long been asleep.

Unexpectedly, a brightly lit house greeted her.

The maid Xu mama stood apprehensively at the living room entrance, before whispering and winking at Gu Qi Qi: “Young Miss, just now master raised a fuss, you do not need to argue with them, Miss Xue Xue is in a bad mood, you will suffer……”

“Xu mama, are you confused because you’re old? Qi Qi is back, why don’t you hurry and go heat up the bird’s nest soup?” Gu Mei Feng said smiling, as she sat on the sofa.

“Mom, she was in the hospital and her performance was not good, uncle is angry, yet you’re giving her bird’s nest to eat?” Gu Xue Xue said in a disgusted tone.

(T/N if y’all don’t know edible bird’s nest are pretty pricy. Here’s a link for more info:

Gu Qi Qi glanced at her coldly——

Gu Xue Xue careless and selfish, exposed her true thoughts on the outside.

Gu Mei Feng with her real thoughts, deeply hidden in her heart.

Oh, what laughing tigers!

(T/N metaphor for looks good on the outside, while inner personality is ruthless and evil. Aka white lotus)

Sure enough, Gu Mei Feng smiled and pushed Gu Xue Xue around: “What is this nonsense? Qi Qi is my real niece, I am her aunt, of course I am worried for her.”

Gu Qi Qi laughed out loud.

If not for the past life, where she heard Gu Xue Xue speak frankly, she would have continued thinking that this aunt, for a lifetime was actually good to her, worried for her, but also took the time and trouble to teach her the truth – staying low-key, being humble, not fighting back, don’t be greedy,endure and she would become successful.

How ridiculous!

Only people with strength are known, what low-key!

Being high above and overpowering others, she would not be low-key.

Like the man she met at the hospital today who was ‘impotent’, although she did not know his identity, it could be seen that he did not care how others viewed him, he acted as he wanted to, indomitable to the end.

Was there anything she could do to him directly?

No way.

She could only spread rumors about him being impotent to disgust him.

If she were to confront him directly, he was going to flatten her no matter how low-key she was!

Gu Mei Feng in her past life instilled generation to her instilled the distorted ‘low-key’ ideology in her, directly destroying her life, and leaving her an empty medical genius, hiding her in Gu Xue Xue’s shadow, and never allowing her to succeed for one day.

Thinking of this, Gu Qi Qi eyes were now more profound, her eyes flashing with a cold light.

“Bird’s nest? Not interested!”

This woman would give her poisoned bird’s nest, whether or not it was chronic poison, she could not even say.

“Hey, Gu Qi Qi you are mad!” Gu Xuexue said angrily.

Gu Mei Feng stopped her: “Don’t you say that to your sister!”

Turning around, she smiled at  Gu Qi Qi and said: “Xue Xue is not sensible. Qi Qi ah, you have always been the most sensible, the most filial. Your father just heard that you did not listen to Direct Zhu in the hospital, and talked back to him in public, but was also choosey about the work, he is very angry ah, for most of the night, he was in the hospital to appease his subordinates……although this is just an internship, you also want to go into professional care, and take care of your sick brother, it is necessary to work hard now, because you are not the eldest, so having an arrogant and high profile……aunt has told you many times, you must be low-key…….”

These words , at first glance no fault can be found with them.

But now when Gu Qi Qi heard them, her heart could only sneer.

Letting me take care of the hard chores, wanting me to wipe urine as the nurse?  

While your baby daughter is spoiled, sitting and enjoy life as a famous doctor?

Low-key my ass, Gu Mei Feng why don’t you go and be low key and eat shit?

Gu Qi Qi stared deeply at Gu Mei Feng, before turning away unceremoniously: “Since you think it’s important to be low-key, tonight at the hospital there was a car accident that involved lots of people, it is better to let Gu Xue Xue go and experience it, let her get a taste of wiping up blood and urine?”

” Hey, I can’t wipe such disgusting things! “Gu Xue Xue screamed, she would be unable to live.

Gu Mei Feng stared at her: “Say fewer words!”

In the blink of an eye, she turned gave Gu Qi Qi a smile: “Qi Qi ah, your sister was too careless, she’s not used to these……”

“If she’s not used to it, let her just do more!” Gu Qi Qi interrupted in a cold voice.


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