My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 12

sigh. This shameless mother and daughter combo.

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So those who were not her daughter could do dirty work, this was simply bullying her instead of protecting her, the future her would be Gu Qi Qi’s own armor to protect her.

Since she was simply too lazy to deal with Gu Mei Feng’s nonsense, she went straight to the study.

“Mom, you look at her attitude! She sincerely came back to fight and make us angry right?” To come back to fight our gas, right?” Gu Xue Xue temper immediately rose.

Gu Mei Feng seeing past the surface to see the essence of the matter, whispered: “Xue Xue, fighting verbally is not the ability you need. You do not see it, but she is going to get the college entrance examination form.”

   “What?” Gu Xue Xue replied anxiously, “She dare not listen to you and the uncles arrangements, and fill it out on her own?  It’s finished, the examination form is in uncle’s study……”

If Gu Qi Qi managed to seize it, their plan to control her life, would be finished entirely.

“Xue Xue, calm down a little.” Gu Mei Feng lifted her beautiful face, her lips tilted in a cocky smile, “Do you think that mother did not prepare for this? Why do you think I let your uncle get angry?”

“Mom, so you intentionally—–” Gu Xue Xue smiled cheekily..

Gu Mei Feng’s smile deepened.

Of course, she acted intentionally.

Once she stimulated Gu Qiushan enough to leave, she can firmly hold the Examination form in her hands.

Gu Qi Qi wanting to take her own ideas and fill out her own form, the opportunity would not be there!

At that moment, Gu Qi Qi was in her father Gu Qiushan’s study, she looked around, her delicate eyebrows wrinkling tightly.

The desk was locked.

But, it wasn’t hard for her to open.

Her good friend Xiao Feng who was an ‘expert’, thought her a few tricks.

Within three to five seconds, she had managed to pry the lock open.

However, the college entrance examination form that should be lying in the drawer was missing!

She did not misremember, her father’s important documents were stored here, in the past life she had seen her father place the forms here and lock the drawer.


Her eyes narrowed with a cold light, unless Gu Mei Feng had a head start on her.

Fists tightly clenched, she muttered: “Gu Mei Feng, you think that if you still me examination forms, that I would be out of options?”

She pulled out her phone and dialed: “Xiao Feng, help me do one thing.”

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Feng almost jumped up from her bed: “What? You want me to sneak into the principal’s office, and steal you a blank college entrance examination form?”

“What, you don’t dare? If not forget it, I will personally go.” Gu Qi Qi said as her eyes dimmed.

“Who said that I Xiao Ye dare not go! I just wanted to say–fuck, it’s too much temptation! You’ve found the right person!

Gu Qi Qi lightly bit her lips: “Xiao Feng, thank you, I will remember this favor.”

“Hey, who says you owe me a favor, how vulgar! I’m going to wear my clothes and leave, you wait for me at the school gate, he he.”

Gu Qi Qi’s throat tightened slightly.

The Gu family may harm her, but she has friends, and her brother, in this world, there was nothing she wouldn’t do to cherish them.

Coming down the stairs, Gu Mei Feng also wanted to pull her aside to say something, trying to get more information out of her.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes flashed coldly, and she immediately left.

“Mom, look at her she’s angry.”

“It doesn’t matter, she can continue to be angry, it’s three days until the deadline of filling out the college entrance examination forms, she can be mad for the next three days. I’m waiting for her to see that her form was filled for the nursing profession, it can only be her fate.”

“What if she refuses to go?”

“Oh, isn’t that even better? If she doesn’t go to college, then she can stay and sweep the hospital floors.”

“Mother is so wise!” Gu Xue Xue said laughing like a beautiful flower


Qingcheng Middle School

Gu Qi Qi stood at the school gate for a full hour, but she did not see Xiao Feng.

Was there something out there?

It was a dark night , there were no moons or stars, and one or two barks sounded in the distance, making the road outside the school even more desolate.

Suddenly, a manic burst of engine sounds, sounded from near and far.

Dozens of military vehicles,almost instantaneously, ushed to the school gate, quickly surrounding Gu Qi Qi.


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