My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 15

Why is he so problematic?

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This was Gong Jue’s first time being called a scoundrel by a woman.

At this moment he was surprised and not angry, in fact……

“Calling me a scoundrel? It seems that you have not seen a real scoundrel, but I don’t mind teaching you!”

Saying this, Gong Jue used one hand to old Gu Qi Qi’s wrists, then grabbing her slender waist in the other hand, easily holding, and flipping her whole body around.

This man’s wrist was like steel.

His great strength was amazing!

Her petite body, in his hands, was just like a rabbit that can be wiped out by a big wolf.

Gu Qi Qi’s little face, was directly buried into the cushion.


With the car hitting bumps, the body of Ging Jue and her back slammed together.

“You stinking scoundrel, you evil vagrant, you just destroyed all respect of soldiers! You are definitely the type who doesn’t fight, all you do is eat and drink and bully good women you army scum!” Gu Qi Qi sounded nasally, as she loudly abused Gong Jue.

Driving in the front, the heart of the adjutant stopped for half a beat-

Miss QI Qi ah, do you know who it you’re scolding?

This the military commander, the chief of all of the empire’s land, sea, and air forces!

Who is the military commander? All of the empire’s soldiers, no matter the military branch, regardless of rank, all obeyed him and him alone.

When he stomped his feet, the empire would have an earthquake.

When he lifted his hands, he could destroy any enemy.

You said that he would not fight on the battlefield? Ha ha, then you have not seen him his gun to mow down the enemy.

Even in a century, we don’t get to see a hero like him in this empire!

Miss Qi Qi, this old man’s premonition is that your fate will be quite miserable ah, you may die without leaving a body……

Gu Qi Qi did not feel it, but danger was imminent.

On the contrary, there was a small voice in her mind, gently speaking it said: please please, scold him once more, it is best to let him get angry enough to lose his mind, then you can eat him directly……tsk tsk, his male hormones are so strong, his ‘essence/spiritual’ force is good enough! He looks so handsome when he threw you down, it’s so good!

What the hell?

Gu Qi Qi shook her head, ever since she reincarnated, she found some strange thoughts going through her mind from time to time.

Some of them simply left her ashamed.

Until Gong Jue said something in a cold voice, whispering in her ear:

“Why are you not cursing me? I would like to hear it, how I was bullying a good woman. Tonight, I don’t mind making your evaluation real! However, when I am doing something, I’m unhappy having someone listening!

(T/N Gong Jue always refers to himself as Laozi which is like I your father. A proud way to refer to yourself)

Saying this, he freed a hand, and directly took the battery out of Gu Qi Qi’s cell phone and threw it out.

Gu Qi Qi’s whole body stiffened.

She thought that she had nothing to fear, because as soon as she saw the car, she opened the recording software on her phone.

This software, allows recording directly to the internet.

She wanted to record this overbearing mans words and actions, then use it as a bargaining chip to free herself

He was part of the military, after all he still had to give them face, she did not believe that this overbearing man would not be afraid of her recording and sending complaints to the Imperial Army Regional Headquarters?

She maybe got a few seconds?

For this man to actually see through her.

Were his eyes x-ray machines?

She had nothing to threaten him with, so Gu Qi Qi calmed down.

She could not let this man entangle her, Xiao Feng was still in the school to steal a new set of forms, she still also had to fill out the new college entrance examination forms, her time was too precious!

Gu Qi Qi moved her body, adjusted her position, then flatly said: “It’s not too much trouble, the medical examination report that says you’re impotent, since you want to change it, I’ll change it back for you.

The woman suddenly yielding, made Gong Jue unhappy

The heat in his lower abdomen was rising, so he did not want to let go. 

The position he had pressed her too, was actually somewhat comfortable. 


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