My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 21

I present to you the shameless mother and father duo.

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Qingcheng Hospital.

Intensive care unit 1

On the bed was a pale tired man, eyes closed as he lay quietly, fast asleep.

The man had just finished a two day surgery, and was also stuck with a lot of tubes, his slender arms lay on both sides, his fingers pale and clear, his body exuding the light smell of medicine.

Outside the door, two sturdy men coldly guarded it, they could be said to be this man’s bodyguards.

Nobody dared to pass the patient because of the atmosphere, they all knew that his identity was one of somebody distinguished, three days prior he was hit in a car accident, and his heart disease reoccurred.

The gentleman’s surgery, that night, was personally performed by the the Director of surgery Director Zhu.

However, after being under the operating table, the man never woke up.

At that moment, Gu Qi Qi pushing the medicine cart, came to intensive care unit 1.

The bodyguards coldy stopped her: “What is it?”

“Changing the dressings.” Gu Qi Qi was wearing a large mask, the only thing exposed were her large, black, grapelike eyes as she answered calmly.

“Hurry up and do not disturb the president!”


Gu Qi Qi quietly entered with the cart.

Closing the door immediately, she deftly removed a disinfected package from the cart, spreading out the contents, it was clearly a set of scalpels!

She quickly opened up the man’s blanket, unbuttoned his clothes, revealing the chest wound.

“His technique is still so bad!” Gu Qi Qi could not help but be disgusted, looking at the traces of Director Zhu’s surgery.

Whether it was the knife angle, the cut depth, or the suture technique, it was clear that Director Zhu was clearly not worthy of being the surgical director.

He was not even as good as her, with her ten years of experience as a practicing nurse.

“What’s worse is than this terrible heart surgery is that you even hurt the nerve connecting to the patient’s left arm, Zhu this pig, what trash medical school did you go to! Do you not know that the heart nerve and the left arms nerve are connected together? Do you want half of the patient’s body to be disabled? Just forget it, being crippled is not a big deal, compared to that this heart surgery is so bad, I would like to see if this patient is able to live for seven days……”

Gu Qi Qi muttered to herself, neatly disinfecting the man’s wound, then lifting the scalpel, did not hesitate to cut the wound open.

A small spurt of blood immediately sprayed out……


Outside at the end of the corridor

Standing in front of the bodyguards were Director Zhu, Gu Qiushan, while Gu Mei Feng was in the middle.

At this time, Gu Qiushan’’s face looked ferocious, he was nodding his head like a dog trying to explain: “Secretary Jiao, the President’s illness is really complicated, we tried our best……”

Secretary Jiao replied his face cold: “The President has not woken up for three days and three nights, and you’re telling me you did your best? The Emperor of all medical experts as said on the phone that it must be due to your surgery and improper anesthesia administration that hurt the President’s nerve!”

Attracting Gu Qiushan’s attention, Gu Mei Feng quickly winked at Director Zhu.

Director Zhu quickly took the hint, and hitting his head said: “Anesthesia……I will call the anesthesia nurse for you, you can ask her personally!”

“Not so fast!”

“But……Director Gu, that practicing nurse is Gu Qi Qi……”

“What?” Gu Qiushan frowned, “She wasn’t on duty on that day?”

“She left after administering the anesthesia.” Director Zhu lied quickly.

“I remember now, Qi Qi came home on that day saying that she had to administer anesthesia and she wasn’t sure if she had done it right, she also asked Xue Xue too.” Gu Mei Feng who was a lying master continued to paint the vivid picture.

“What nonsense! You actually allowed an intern to be responsible for the anesthesia of the President’s surgery! Just wait for the lawsuit!” Secretary Jiao yelled angrily.

After offending a distinguished patient, Gu Qiushan was also angry: “Where is that evil woman, I will catch her!”

Gu Meifeng took the opportunity to fan the fire: “Qi Qi has not come home for three days, they say that she’s been associating with a lot of men outside……Now that I think about it, maybe she was afraid that she messed up the anesthesia, so when she was exposed, she got a man to help her cover it up? Brother Qiushan, do not get angry……”

“Evil woman! Such an evil woman!” Gu Qiushan said trembling angrily.

Outside the sick room.

Gu Qi Qi looking through the door, could see this scene very clearly.


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