My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 23

Yikes! CN novels can have some really terrible people. I present to you evil step-sister 1 and the sidekick.

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“I beg your pardon?”

Gu Qi Qi glared coldly.

Gu Xue Xue dared say that she was a prostitute, she absolutely could not tolerate that.

“I, I spoke the truth didn’t I? I heard that you like to seduce men in the semen collection room, and act flirtatious……”


Gu Qi Qi’s hand print was immediately displayed on Gu Xue Xue’s face.

Seeing this the adjutant was shocked.

Wow, Miss Qi Qi’s temper was very strong ah, like a small peper, it was hot!

“Undo this!”

Her face chilly, Gu Qi Qi coldly ordered.

The handcuffs restricted her actions.

Otherwise, that slap would have been more ruthless.

The Adjutant was momentarily conflicted, before he quickly unlocked the handcuffs and stood to the side.

He couldn’t help but glance down at the first floor, where a row of military vehicles were parked in front.

In the back seat of the military vehicle, that haughty and cold man must have seen this scene clearly.

Chief ah, you wouldn’t blame me for releasing Miss Qi Qi right now right?

Gu Qi Qi frowned, twisting her wrist, slight sounds of her joints cracking could be heard.

The handcuffs stayed on the upper hand of one wrist, while her eyes exuded a cold light, causing Gu Xue Xue’s heart to jump from fear.

At that moment Gu Qi Qi, looked amazingly beautiful, yet amazingly evil.

The Gu Qi Qi at this moment was very different from the Gu Qi Qi she knew.

And it seems……

In the next second, Gu Qi Qi would repeat what she did, and hit her with that awful slap, it was terrible to try and fight her.

No, she must first strike strongly!

Gu Xue Xue glanced at Zhu Fen and winked.

Zhu Fen who was standing by Gu Qi Qi, quietly moved a bit, heading towards the elevator where there was a nurses’ cart.

On the cart, there were a lot of glass bottles, test tubes, liquids……there were even sharp surgical scissors and scalpels.

Gu Xue Xue loudly spoke to cover her: “Sister, you can hit me, but you cannot erase the fact that you have disgraced the Gu name! You did not come home for three days and three nights, you also destroyed Director Zhu’s surgery, the patient has not woken up till now! Your father and my mother are all tired of you, why don’t you humbly apologize, don’t you know they want to sue you and send you to jail? That is a very important person, do you think the Gu family can bear his revenge? It’s all because of the mistakes you made when administering anesthesia……”

Anesthesia errors?

Ah ah, the pot of bullshit, were they trying to dump it on her to make her yield?

“The operating room is monitored, the person who prepared the anesthetic, it is quite clear. Gu Xue Xue, the person going to jail is you!”

“Sister, how can you look forward to us going to jail? You clearly have no conscience……”

“COnscience? You stole my college entrance examination form, ready to throw me into some shit nursing school, tell me do you still have a conscience?

“Sister, this is for your own good, your father said that you are not mature, you need to become more low-key. And you can take care of your brother when you’re a nurse, what is wrong with this?” Gu Xue Xue said loudly, as she secretly winked at Zhu Fen.

Zhu Fen snorted: “Xue Xue, you forgot, she was going to make money from the semen collection room, how could she want to take care of that diseased, ghost like, tuberculosis brother? My dad said, her sick brother will die sooner or later, since he is terminally ill, allowing him to linger is just a waste of your Gu family’s money……”

Gu Qi Qi expression immediately became cold: “My brother, do not take turns commenting about him as you please you pig!”

“Gu Qi Qi, you dared to call me a pig, you should just go to hell!”

Zhu Fen has her face repeated slapped till it was swollen by Gu Qi Qi, she had been waiting anxiously for Gu Qi Qi to get badly beaten.

At that moment, with Gu Xue Xue’s hint, she suddenly pushed the nurses cart,turning it towards Gu Qi Qi for a bitter hit.


The large cart, glassware, surgical scissors, and scalpels……all banged together in chaos as they smashed down.

All of it heading to hit Gu Qi Qi’s body!


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