My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 27

GQQ dad is a terrible man.

Our loving couple has their first silent battle

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Gu Qi Qi’s eyes teared up as she watched Gu Qiushan’s slap coming towards her.

She could not escape, even though she had a scalpel hidden between her fingers, and could cut the fingers of Gu Qiushan, she did not avoid it.

She stared fixedly at the man she called father,a man who stupidly listened to rumors, and when beating his own daughter, his conscience did not hurt.

Noticing that he was being stared at by Gu Qi Qi, Gu Qiushan’s eyes flashed in thought.

But then, hearing Gu Mei Feng’s delicate sobs, he hardened his heart again.

“You evil woman! I will beat you today! Whip off a layer of your skin!”

He relentlessly aimed the slap at her face, a fierce wind could be felt, as he bitterly tried to knock Gu Qi Qi over.

A “Snap-” sounded.

The back of a large tall figure, stood in front of Gu Qi Qi to block her.

Gu Qiushan’s hand was tightly gripped in the hand of the strong man, causing his gripped joints to be white.

The sound was the bones of Gu Qiushan’s hand cracking.

“You, who are you? And why did you stop me from teaching my own daughter a lesson?”

Gu Qiushan could not slap her, so he had no place to vent his anger.

Moreover, the man’s grip around his wrist was like steel, his grip hurt so much, it made his fingers feel like they were broken, while his arm felt as if it would be twisted off!

“My people, you cannot beat them!” Gong Jue’s face was gloomy, his hawk like eyes were glaring, making Gu Qiushan afraid to look at them directly.

He was inexplicably confused, his voice was trembling, as he faced the young soldier, who was overwhelmed with anger: “She is yours, you, who are you?”

Gong Jue looked back, his expression calm, as he looked at Gu Qi Qi.

Gu Qi Qi stared back without a hint of fear.

(T/N convo in brackets is between GQQ and Chief with their eyes)

[You impotent man, you shut up, who is your people?]

[Stupid woman, you have the ability to escape from me, how come you don’t have the ability to deal with these people? You also stretched your face out to make this people play you, are you sure you’re not stupid?]

[Who told you to meddle, I hate you and can take care of myself]

[Who told you to grumble endlessly, I see that you’re in a bad mood!]

[Strange, are you helping because you want to look cool?]

[It’s because you’re my people you stupid woman!]

Mid-air, Gong Jue and Gu Qi Qi’s eyes violently collided, ignoring everyone else, sparks were flying.

In the eyes of Gu Qiushan, they simply arrogant, shamelessly arrogant.

Restraining his hand to prevent him from beating his daughter, he was not a bird in a cage, but his whole body felt as cold as ice from this man’s aura, in the end where did this person come from?

“Sir, if you could first release……” Gu Qiushan had already broken out in a painful cold sweat, but he tried to interrupt the dispute.

But at this time, Gong Jue returned his line of sight towards him and lazily replied: “She is my female……prisoner, I want to take her away for interrogation, do you have an opinion?”

Female prisoner?

Gu Qiushan had a complex expression as he looked at Gu Qi Qi.

Even if he was disappointed with his daughter, and wanted to slap her to death, still……letting a strange man take her away, he was still a little hesitant!

At this point, Gu Mei Feng whispered in his ear: “Brother Qiushan, don’t you see him wearing a uniform? Don’t mess with the soldiers ah, a few days ago an untouchable prestigious man came to the hospital, because he could not find the person he was searching for, our hospital almost landed in hot oil, even the Dean of the hospital gave him face. We cannot provoke him!”

Gu Qiushan had been invested in the hospital industry for many years, so for this reason he understood.

He frowned as he looked at Gu Qi Qi.

This daughter of his had not been home for three days and three nights.

According to Xue Xue, she had said the Qi QI was fooling around with several old men.

Since she was already debauched, and had already been ruined by a man, it was no big deal, afterall if a fly bit a fruit, or a group of flies, it was no difference in the end, right?

“You can take her away, but you have to let her……you have to send her back alive.” Gu Qiushan bluffed.

His voice was low as he spoke.

Gu Qi Qi scoffed at his ridiculousness!

Bring her back alive?

Gu Qiushan you seem really righteous on the surface, yet your inner heart is so dirty!

As long as your daughter is kept alive, anything else was okay? You would let a strange man ruin your daughter, let him insult your daughter, and you can’t even muster up a hint of anger?


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