My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 28

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Gu Qi Qi’s heart completely cooled down.

This man was unworthy of being her father.

He was selfish! And cowardly!

Gong Jue’s face was also cold, the eyes that he used to look at Gu Qiushan were cold and filled with contempt: “To let her live is my decision. You do not have the final say!”

He twisted Gu Qiushan’s wrist, then turned and commanded the adjutant: “Take her away! Return to the base!”

“Yes! Chief! Miss Qi Qi, excuse me.”

The adjutant politely but quickly shot over, and put the handcuffs back on Gu Qi Qi.

Remembering the way that the adjutant had helped her stop Director Zhu, Gu Qi Qi secretly put away the scalpel, and did not embarrass him.

She also knew that if the impotent man personally captured her, the scene would become more ugly.

Watching Gong Jue arrogantly take his people away, Gu Qiushan cannot say a word.

His eyes seemed to age, revealing his deep sense of powerlessness.

He had fought and struggled for most of his life, and now in Qingcheng hospital he was the head and face of the people, but now a young office who he did not know had gone over his head, and his hateful daughter did not give him any face, he was really failed!

Gu Mei Feng though that he was distressed because of Qi Qi, biting her lips she stepped forward and said: “Brother Qiushan, Xue Xue is really heavily hurt, I do not know if she can survive, waaa waaa, Qi Qi deliberately wanted to kill her ah, she;s too ruthless……”

“Let’s go to Xue Xue’s ward and guard her!” Gu Qiushan agreed nervously, as he immediately went to comfort her, “Do not work, when that evil woman is sent back, I still have an account to settle with her, and will ruthlessly beat her.”

Gu Mei Feng’s eyes narrowed, as he lips inadvertently curled up: “I’ll depend on brother Qiushan to do it!”


In the military vehicle.

Gu Qi Qi was stuffed into the back seat of the car, sitting on the seats edge next to Gong Jue.

The narrow space, reminded her of the of the scene three days ago and suddenly poured into her mind-

He had pressured her in the car, while his stiff *** had touched her, disregarding ger and pushing her down on the spot.

Gu Qi Qi uneasily looked away, if she was not disgusted with Gu Qiushan, she would not have followed this impotent man.

Who knows when his female prisoner would have to deal with some kind of shameless actions?

Moreover, it wasn’t clear when how she became his female prisoner? It couldn’t be because she wrote that he was impotent, he was going to bring her down.

He was stingy, closed off, imprisoned her, and now came to pursue her?

There was tension in the air as they had a stalemate.

Gong Jue’s cold voice suddenly sounded: “What’s is that in your hand?”

Gu Qi Qi’s small had shrunk.

Oops, she still had the pregnancy test sticks in her hand.

Her little face blushed, and she instinctively stuffed them into the pocket of her pants.

Gong Jue frowned, without any explanation, he suddenly seized her slender wrist.

“Give it! What are you guiltily hiding?” He suddenly snatched the two pregnancy test sticks.

It was a milky white cylindrical bar wrapped in plastic, there was no label or description on it.

He did not know what it was.

But, this shape, it seemed a little evil.

Looking at Gu Qi Qi’s suspiciously red face, Gong Jue who had never seen a pregnancy test stick frowned and instantly made the wrong assumption.

His voice was hoarse and revealed his deep disgust: “Such a small stick, you also use it? Do the women of the hospital really have no shame?”

Gu Qi Qi’s was momentarily surprised, then her little face turned red in a flash!

Fuck, what is wrong with this impotent man? Did he think that this was a vibrator ah?

At this moment, she really cannot wait to kill him.

Yes, she had no other choice but to kill him.

He was impotent, could not even differentiate between a pregnancy test stick and a vibrator, he really deserved to be impotent, let him be impotent for life, in fact let his whole family become impotent!


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