My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 29

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Gu Qi Qi anxiously wanted to kill Gong Jue.

The next second, the words that Gong Jue blurted out, gave her the feeling that simply killing this overbearing impotent man was simply too good for him!

Watching as Gong Jue held the two cylindrical pregnancy test sticks, he frowned and said: “One stick is not enough, you also play with two at the same time? You’re at such a young age and play around so much, do your parents know?”

Gu Qi Qi stared at him.

This stupid man, he even thought that she was playing around with two vibrators?

She wanted to cut him into pieces, she had to cut him into pieces, she would slowly kill him piece by piece!

Showing a very angry smile, Gu Qi Qi lifted her small face: “Yes ah, I was playing around a lot, although it is none of your business. Give it back!”

Gong Jue stared at her seriously: “Glaring at me is useless, you are now my female prisoner in my control. It is confisticated!”

Gu Qi Qi: “……”

This was for her to give to Xiao Feng to use, you overbearing army scoundrel, so hateful!

She regretfully put her scalpel away.

Her wrists were held by the handcuffs and she could not remove them, otherwise she would get rid of this stupid man.

Gong Jue threw the pregnancy test sticks into the front row seat, looking back, he saw that Gu Qi Qi had twisted so her back was two him and she was staring out the window.

His eyes landed  on the line of the girls exquisite back.

Her clothes were very simple, a dark blue uniform skirt, it was washed clean so even the white sleeves where pure white, she should have been in high school for three years yet the uniform had not changed, only this set.

But at this moment, the clean uniform shirt had been ripped and stained with small medicinal liquids, and the clothing material was corroded.

The girl’s neck was white and slender, and the back of that delicate skin was exposed and covered with blood.

Looking carefully, her back and shoulders had pieces of glass inserted in several places, some of the wounds were still bleeding, while some areas formed a large bruise.

Gong Jue’s brow wrinkled up.

He had seen Gu Qi Qi and Gu Xue Xue, Zhu Fen, and Gu Qiushan’s actions at the scene of conflict.

Zhu Fen had pushed the heavy nurse’s cart and hit her back, causing the glass to break and hit her.

She was hurt.

Still, was that man really her father?

That trash of a father, concerned to death about another woman, but only knew how to abuse his daughter?

Her back injury was so heavy, yet that trash of a father had turned a blind eye, and then he also had the nerve to pick his hand up to slap her?

Gu Qi Qi’s back being injured really touched Gong Jue.

He was originally shocked and unhappy because of the vibrator, but his emotions gradually changed, becoming indescribably.

He only knew that he suddenly commanded the adjutant: “Hand over the med kit.”

After realizing what he said, a compact medical first aid kit had been directly placed in his hands.

His hand held a disinfectant while he single handedly ripped Gu Qi Qi’s shirt!


The girl’s white back was completely exposed in front of him.

“You impotent man! You are a rotten scoundrel-”

Gu Qi Qi had been planning how to escape again in her mind, when she felt her back become cool as the man tore her clothes.

Did he want to use that kind of shameless punishment for her?

Her little face turned red with fury.

Stubbornly enduring the pain of her wound, she desperately twisted her small body, aiming the handcuffs to smash the window.

Even if she had to jump, she would never allow a man to humiliate her!

But in the next second, there came a cool touch against her back.

There was a touch of a mint scent along with, a hemostatic plant (stops bleeding) mixed with the aroma of elderberry (stops bleeding) mixed in, permeating the narrow vehicle.

The wounds no longer hurt, and the blood seemed to have stopped following.

He……was he giving her medicine?

Not torture her, bully her, or beating her?

Gu Qi Qi was stunned.

They did not know each other.

They had only met each other three times and they weren’t happy meetings, additionally, she picked on him and ridiculed him for being impotent.

In retaliation he was strong enough to detain her, reprimanded her, and arrested her as a female prisoner……in the end, he still gave her medicine to treat her injury?

It was clear, her back was injured right next to the steps in full view of everyone, but even her biological father just turned a blind eye and did not care!


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  1. Now she knows that this brute could also be gentle. He was concerned for her injuries. Only he had stopped the abuse Now he would stop the pain.
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  2. I really don’t get why in this type of novel they never call the police or sue the other party, most things that happen are, most of the time, punishable by law.

    1. Not if the ones in power are filthy rich. Money can buy anything including the police. Same with suing. A public defender will almost always lose against a filthy rich attorney

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