My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 5

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Our poor little GQQ has to deal with so much drama. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it continues in the next chapter.

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Chapter 5: The First Step To Changing Her Destiny


At that moment, Gu Qi Qi still didn’t understand the consequences of the word that she causally wrote to provoke that overbearing man,  what kind of big man(Big boss) he was!

She looked at the time, ok, Director Zhu should be almost done in the operating room

Perfectly avoiding the surgery trap, she can now withdraw.

As for the overbearing “impotent” man’s command to not move……

Why should she listen to him? Who does he think he is?    

After the rebirth of Gu Qi Qi, she was not afraid of anything on heaven or earth, so why should she be afraid of an impotent man?    

Leaving the VIP room, after the chaos and the bloody smell of the corridor, she did not intend to stay.

Before the lessons of the history of the past, she painstakingly tried to save lives, the result was her hard work benefited others and not herself, in this life she would never repeat the same mistakes.

Hurriedly turning the corner, a three-year old beautiful little boy, painfully curled up in the corner like a dumpling, almost tripped her.

“Where does it hurt?” She asked frowning  

The beautiful little dumpling was crouched, squatting in the corner, his hand clutching his stomach, looking as if he would rather suffer than speak.

She lifted her eyebrows, her tone cool: “Intestinal cramps. Your fate will be that all your intestines will tie themselves together, you want to try a taste of that?”  

The little dumpling shook his head, his little finger pointing to the painful spot.  

She reached out, and light rubbed his stomach in a circle: “Ok, go and find some hot water to drink.”  

Her piece said, she indifferently walked away step by step.

The little dumpling straightened up, a pair of black grape-like eyes crystal bright staring at her: “Isn’t it cool that I’m not hurt? Miss, wait—-”    

But was that doctor miss okay, other nurse misses were desperately trying to curry favor with him, why did she ignore him entirely?  

That miss was like a tiger walking on the wind, his little legs could not catch up with her.

Gu Qi Qi’s eyes did not lift a bit, she quickly exited the hospital door, hurrying away from this dangerous place.  

However, just as she was ready to leave on her motorbike, there was an obnoxious call of her name.

Several interns were talking and laughing, lazily scattered as the walked, the lead one, is one of her classmates, Zhu Fen.   

Zhu Fen deliberately shouted: “Yo, Gu Qi Qi, the hospital is busy, rescuing wounded patients from the car accident, how could you slip away at this time? Is your moral character that bad?”

The other interns echoed her statement, coldly criticizing Gu Qi Qi in unison.   

Gu Qi Qi cold gaze swept over them.    

In the past, they had studied together, Zhu Fen had never harrassed or bullied her. She had always thought it was just a character incompatibility, but now thinking about it, Zhu Fen was the daughter of the Director of Surgery, but also one of her cousin Gu Xue Xue’s friends.

No wonder she had trouble everywhere!

Originally, it was just once,  but now she has been forced by others to bite back!

Figuring this out, her eyes widened, and she glared past them stating: “Mind your own business.”   

“You……!” Zhu Fen had never been spoken to like that.

Let alone this, by the naive, submissive Gu Qi Qi.

Overnight, it seemed that Gu Qi Qi somehow, had become very different.

She knew that Gu Qi Qi had a large chest, but she was usually slouched, however at this moment, Gu Qi Qi’s spine was straight, her chest and hips creating a curvaceous figure.

An ordinary nurse’s uniform, on Gu Qi Qi’s body, looked stunning, tasteful, and chic!

When people looked at her, it would strike the root of jealousy in them ah.

Zhu Fen gritted her teeth: “You, you dare not work the night shift, I’ll go and tell the Director to go and give you punishment! Hmph, let your college entrance exam record become tarnished, then you won’t be able to go to college!”

Cannot go to college?    

Hearing these words, Gu Qi Qi’s eyes flashed coldly.    

She was anxious to go, not only to avoid being framed by Director Zhu, but because she also needed to rush home to modify her college entrance examination form, she wanted to apply for medical school, and this was the first step to reversing her fate!    

No one should even think about blocking her path.  

Director Zhu was no good, his idiot daughter is even worse!


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