My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 6

Gu Qi Qi is savage. That is all. Face slapping has been taken to an all new level.

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Chapter 6: It Is A Waste Not To Hit When She Stretch Her Face Out

“You want to report me?” Gu Qi Qi contemptuously glanced at Zhu Fen. She pursed her lips and said, “Pitiful, Gu Xue Xue should be on duty tonight, not me. I believe she’s at home deep asleep. How about I go home and help you snap a picture for evidence? “

Zhu Fen’s pupil’s dilated, damn! She was indeed mistaken.

But she still wouldn’t admit her mistake and instead she shouted: “Gu Xue Xue is your sister, it’s your duty to her, in fact it’s only right and proper that you substitute for her!”

“Right and proper your mother!”

Gu Qi Qi saw red, her blood boiling with hatred.

Step by step she had not yet caused Gu Xue Xue to pay her dues, yet had to deal with this vicious woman in front of her? This girl clearly hadn’t thought it through.

“You…you dare curse me?”

“Fuck off! I’ve said this, a good dog does not block the road.” Gu Qi Qi clutched the handlebars of her electric car. She brushed against Zhu Fen and contemptuously furrowed her brow, “Oh, I’m sorry I was wrong, you’re not a bitch you’re pig shit. I forgot.”

(T/N a good dog does not block the road is a proverb kind of like barking dogs don’t bite, calling Zhu Fen all bark with no bite)

Shots fired.

Zhu Fen. Pig shit.

Even those nursing interns couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhu Fen was down right furious.  

In her anger, she explicitly said: “Gu Qi Qi, you show up here from the semen collection room, isn’t it that you were just rubbing a man’s pipe? These days, aren’t you just a  a semen-collecting, pubic hair-shaving woman? You’re only good as a cesspit!”

Semen collection room?

Everyone’s eyes lit up, that kind of place, they all understood what really went on.

They had heard that some wealthy perverted men would go to the semen collection room to get professional semen collection nurses to give them “hands-on” service.

For more intimate service, they would take the nurse’s home to continue playing some indescribable games.

Gu Qiqi just leaving that room, is it……

Zhu Fen looked at everyone in satisfaction, then strangely looked Gu Qi Qi’s whole body up and down, especially her pair of slender hands.

“Dare to say that again?” Gu Qi Qi asked, her voice low

“Me, why wouldn’t I dare to say  it again? Would you dare to hit me?” Zhu Fen replied proudly, arrogantly provoking her, “Don’t you want to go curry favor in the semen collection room with an old man, then fly on the branches of change — ah! You, you dare to hit me!”

Zhu Fen clutched her burning face, howling.

She did not expect, that Gu Qi Qi would really raise her hand and give her a slap!

Calmly taking out a disinfectant wipe, Gu Qi Qi wiped her hand, as if slapping the face had dirtied it: “Didn’t you stretch your face out for me so that I could slap it?”

Gu Qi Qi wiping her hands, was both proud and beautiful. There was no sense of her usual low-key demeanor, presenting a completely different image!

Finished wiping her hands, but also wasting a disinfectant wipe,  she flung the used wipe at Zhu Fen’s face, as if Zhu Fen was a trash can.

All the nursing interns looked on in surprise.

This Zhu Fen relied on her father who was the hospital’s surgical director as a threat. Although they did not usually show emotion about it, they were still unsatisfied in their heart.

Now someone even dared to argue with Zhu Fen, and it was the usually humble Gu Qi Qi who slapped her, so in this unexpected situation, everyone was secretly happy.

“Gu Qi Qi! You dared to mess with me! I’ll go back and tell my father, he will expel you from here and only use you as a semen collecting tool!”

“Whatever.” Gu Qi Qi replied calmly, “If you think collecting semen is so detestable, then I’ll do prostate checks for male patients, I’ll fondle their eggs. You prepare whatever general anesthesia and tools. I’ll even insert the catheter. You even dared make a fuss about collecting semen. Such fragility won’t make for a good doctor. Just one word of advice: Get lost!”

She must learn to be just like that overbearing man, not allowing people to get the best of her.

Gu Qi Qi’s new imposing air caused Zhu Fen feel small.

“You…you …”

She was tongue tied.

Wrong, she was the dignified hospital surgical directors real daughter, why should she be afraid of this woman with no mother and no family?

“In this hospital my father has the final say! You don’t want to be a doctor!”

“You sure?” Gu qiqi suddenly leaned forward slightly, her  tall and slender figure overlooking the short Zhu Fen.

All her life, she not only wanted to become a doctor, but also become the best doctor of an empire.

She wanted to personally cure her little brother Gu Xiao Bei’s terminal illness, because she could not believe and rely on anyone else.

Fate, must be decided by your own hands!

Her eyes contemptuously swept over Zhu Fen, Gu Qi Qi no longer paying her any attention, directly hooped on her motorbike “boom-” the bikes electric throttle sounded, hitting Zhu Fen, and like lightning, disappearing into the night.

“Hey, you don’t want to live!”

“My new dress! My nurse uniform is all torn!”

“My arm … my arm seems to be broken …… waaa!” she sobbed.

Zhu Fen whimpered and wailed, then she too disappeared into the night wind.


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