My Chief Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 8

Introducing our lovely father and son combo and a change of scenery.

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Chapter 8: Touched His Gonads, And Even Grabbed His Manhood!

The hospital.

At the end of a corridor.

A cute little dumpling, is moving his little short legs forward, patiently passing one room after another, peeping inside.

The little dumpling stared back at him with a pair of water, dark as grape eyes: “Adjutant, I’m looking for the miss who saved me. As a gentleman, I have not thanked her or given her a thank you gift”

(T/N: an adjutant is a military officer who acts as an administrative assistant to a senior officer)


Watching the sly little dumpling, sincerely want to “repay his thanks’, the adjutants old face who had seen many things in life, couldn’t help but want to laugh helplessly.

“It would be better for the little chief and I to head back, what if I get the hospital’s roster for you, and you can see if you can recognize the person?”

“But……I did not see her face, because she had a big mask on.” the little dumpling had a look of frustration, his small hands gesturing.

He could only remember Gu Qi Qi’s eyes, big and bright, and beautiful, yet pulling you in, like the reflection of the stars on a deep pool, shining with cold light, he really liked them alot ah.

The adjutant’s mouth tightened, he did not know what to say, scratching his cheek: “Your father is also looking for someone, and will be furious when he finds you missing as well, if you do not go back to calm him……I reckon that the hospital will have a problem, if that is the case, you little miss may have to suffer, and then you will never find her.”

The little dumpling hearing this, suddenly paused, then became well behaved and held the adjutant’s hand, looking solemn as he spoke: “I understand this truth, the city gate fire brings disaster to the fish*”

(T/N an idiom meaning when the gate is on fire you take water from the moat to put it out, water runs out, the fish die. i.e. a drastic action may unintentionally affect other people and harm the innocent bystanders)

The adjutant wanted to praise him, as the idiom was very appropriate,

The next second, he listened to the little dumpling sigh and say:”Uh, he is so naive. He’s supposed to be the chief, but why is he so headstrong? Should I go and educate him properly?”


Little chief, I’m not used to serving you!


The VIP in the VIP room

A group of the hospital directors and doctors stood shivering with fear and respect.

On the sofa, a man sat as if he were the emperor, back straight, face cold.

Emerging from his body was a cold atmosphere, lowering the central air conditioning ten degrees lower, the people almost frozen into ice chunks.

“-A group of wastes! Are the hospital cameras just decorations? You still can’t find one individual?”

“If terrorists came in, you still wouldn’t find them? Are you still looking at I your father?”

“Blockade the halls! Give me a thorough search!”

The hospital Dean almost started crying…

Before seeing this violent executive, he had never seen something this violent.

Lining in Qingcheng this small place, they only know that this man is from the empire’s military, and that they could not afford to offend this big man, but in the end he did not know exactly which person in the military this was.

Like a fire, the man’s thunderous rage swept over them.

“Chief sir, this, this hospital has never had a blockade line ah, the person you’re looking for, might not be a doctor but a patient……”The Dean courageously reminded him.

“Are you telling me, that they infiltrated deeply in the hospital, and then left?” The man’s chilled gaze swept over him, immediately causing the Dean to quiver.

“ No no, I, I will immediately allow the blockade, we will immediately find them!” The Dean quickly knelt, a little devil was no match for the king of hell, he would listen to this army commander.

Just when the Dean thought to leave, finally escaping from the king of hell’s anger.

Suddenly, he heard the man’s low cool voice: “Wait, let me check all the nurses working tonight, bring them here!”

There was that woman who had done something shameless to him in the operating room, there’s no way to find her so he would forget it for now.

But the nurse who gave him the male examination, could not run away!

He ordered her to stand still, presumably at the moment she should be in the “semen collection room” shivering with fear right?

“Hmph, the thought of a female nurses daring to reach out and touch his gonads, and also pulling his manhood, the blue vein on his forehead protruded near to bursting.

If not for his OCD making him rush to the bathroom to clean himself up, on the spot he would have ruthlessly scolded that nurse!

Now, this account, should it be revealed or not?


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      1. Aaah must be something about how he can’t get up to the girls or how he doesn’t want them you know but he did it with our qiqi so he wants her because he can only do it with her for some time know this is a complete guess btw lol

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    1. mēn sāo
      (coll.) outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside Here you go.It seems the military man is all bluster and treats others as though he had no feelings. But , in truth he is quite committed caring once he gets involved.

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