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Hello everyone just an informative post πŸ™‚

General News:

  1. As of now we are 6 posts away from catching up with the summaries Yay!
  2. We have decided on the novels we are picking up
    • Sonata: Fleeing to avoid an arranged marriage
    • First marriage then love
      • We will be reposting the translated chapters here on our site but you can also visit the OG translator atΒ She’s been afk for 6+ months though
    • We may pick up more, just these for now to gauge how it is.
  3. We have a new translator Akari :). She is pretty great and has been working pretty hard to get HM caught up
  4. Please turn off adblocker if you have it. I recently purchased this domain (Yay). Our Google adsense is going up tomorrow to help us pay for the site. The reward is extra HM chapters πŸ˜‰
  5. We. Are. On. Discord. Come say hi. We don’t bite~ Link is in contacts

Hidden Marriage News

  1. The talk with they who shall not be named continues
  2. Once we reach chapter 236, we will be dropping to one chapter a day until we hit our patreon goals and then it doubles and we die (I should probably change that)
  3. Since we are releasing 1 chapter a day, patreon will have advance chapters for your enjoyment.

Also it’s my birthday!! Thank you for everyone’s well wishes!


73 thoughts on “News News News

  1. Would you also please consider the novel Perfect Superstar?? The story is also about celebrities but a male protagonist. It was one of the novels that has potential but seems has been dropped by the translator which breaks my heart T – T

    Thank you for the new novels btw. I look forward to it ^^
    Also, Happy Birthday!

    1. I will take a look at it and note it down. There are only 2 translators as of now so we are trying to balance the work load. If you know anyone who’s interested in translating lmk!

      1. Definitely! In fact, once I made friend that knows CN or KR or JP, I’ll make her/him translate novel nonstop.. lolol

      2. Hey ,a very happy birthday to you…and Eid Mubarak to all people out there…thank you so much to all translators for your effort..

  2. great

    but for fmtl you should edit them at least.. not sure how accurate they in terms of translation but for the eng it need definitely to be edited

  3. I love acient Chinese novel… there are many acient novel that is being discontinue.. i hope u can look around and pick one of them.. like An Oddette’s Otherworld Odyssey, accompanying the Phoenix etc… xuanhuan genre with comedy in there… but it is different from usuall transmigration genre…πŸ˜„

  4. Happy birthday blazaria.. hope this year will be an amazing year for you.. please check out queen no 11 alias princess agents. That novel is awesome but for some reason there has been no updates. Please consider to pick up that project .. much love thanks *kisses*

    1. Thanks! I think you recommended this before, right? The translators haven’t officially dropped it but I will reach out and see. Add it to our list of future considerations

    1. Thanks for telling me! I didn’t realize someone had grabbed it since it’s not on Novel Updates. Might have to drop it then

  5. There is a novel called “You dare love me, I dare love you” check in Shushengbar. It’s a super nice novel. The summary of the synopsis: A higher up in the police get pulled up by a female traffic cop to check whether he is drunk…..

  6. Belated happy b’day ……i hope u excel in ur life and get best of everything ^-^
    I hope u release chapters of FLTM soon…..but don’t overexert urself….and thank u for ur translation of HM

  7. Blazaria HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    And well can you please pleas Pick up Man Man Qing Luo and Chongfei Manual? Please πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† and AKARI, thank you sooo much for all the hard work!!

    1. I will properly keep a note of those 2 novels. We want to see what our pace will be like with the two we added first

  8. Happy birthday dear!!! Thanks for all your hard work and love, you are my heroine!! Have a really good day 😘

  9. hiii, best wishes for your birthday, and I enjoy the story pretty much so far, thank you for translating … enjoy your big day πŸ™‚

  10. As always blazaria you are amazing there is a lot of interesting novels I can said ” flash marriage ” ” the Adonis next door ” ” CEO above me below ” good morning Mr president ” I think ” first marriage then love ” is interesting in the beginig but after many chapters it will be monotonic and no exciting events its my opinion
    Whatever you choice we will support you so ” fighting “

  11. i maybe late but i still wanna greet you and Thank you for picking up First Love then Marriage also my favorite novel on…yehey…your are really an angel sent to me….yahoo…

  12. Happy belated birthday, hope it was a great one. Thanks for the update! Also, I’m looking forward to the 2 novels you’ve picked up, was waiting for someone to translate them. Have a great year ahead!

  13. thank u for all ur hard work and happy birthday ^^ there is a novel called Don’t Turn from Summer by ding mo its good one but unfortunately they drop it :/

  14. OMG You’re planning to pick up Chestnut’s work! I’m a great fan of her novels – Amnesiac Queen, Marriage Concerto, Finding Glowing Beauty in Books, My World Falls into the River of Love & I Seem Unsuited for Dating (all ongoing except the completed My Fault for Being Blind)

    So happy Sonata will get translated. Radiant has translated 3 chapters as teasers I think. If you were to consider other novels, I would recommend her 2 other novels too: Divorce This Is A Trivial Matter & Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire. No one has pick them up so I was quite sad about it.

    Anyway, looking forward to Sonata! Glad I found you guys ^^

  15. Maybe Stolen Love of Zhou Yu is also a good choice. Although I’m not totally sure if solstar24 dropped it, because she didn’t updated since February 2016.

    I’m just in love with female lead. I couldn’t stand be separated from her…. she’s super-duper cool. She is an ex-assassin in the modern times who gets involved with the mafia. She’s the ultimatum of badassness.

    Or white calculation of big grey wolf with wings. It’s a very cute c novel in the ancient times.

    Thanks for all your work and dedication.

    1. So in regards to that: There is usually a 3 month wait time for novels when the OG translator doesn’t update as they mught have personal problems going on. But I will take note of them!

    2. So with regards to this, there is usually a 3 month wait time for novels to be verfied as dropped by their translators. But I will note them down

  16. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but first marriage then love is also being translated by anpingguo, and the latest update was yesterday. Probably best to check with that translator before you pick it up.

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