Phoenix Against The World Chapter 10 – Respect For The Strong (8)

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 Xiao Zhongqi nodded, facing Huang Bei Yue and said: “I, Xiao Zhongqi, was rude.”

   The Xiao name in the Nan Yi country can be considered as a large family of good strength . When the name is usually quoted, the other party will be surprised, but here, this little man barely gave any reaction at all. Instead walking past and then lightly  getting on another good horse.

   With that a cold attitude, Xiao Zhongqi let her know that he was a person of good birth.

   He should be proud master, but this little man, he still had not seen his true strength, for a moment he was shocked.

   More than two dozen mercenaries marching toward the fog forest outside the city.

   They were halfway there, when suddenly a team with very impressive ranked members flickered across the main road, and that team had at least more than one Summoner!

   As they walked forward, they could feel a hot flame and cold air mingling.

   In addition to these, over the team, there are two people flying one after the other. revealing that they are Summoners.

   In front there was a man, sitting on a large looming body with purple flames rotating around him. He charged forward, dyeing the whole world purple, dimming the sunlight, making it pale .

   “The ‘Purple Fire Qilin!”

“His Royal Highness Prince ‘Purple Fire Qilin, ah! One ‘Wuling’ too tough!”

  The Mercenary group immediately stopped to watch. Everyones’ faces exposed a look of absolute worship .

   Summoner, ah! That is the most enviable career. To become a Summoner. Don’t know how many people had this dream!

   Being able to call oneself a Summoner is already very tough, but on the mainland they were considered the absolute cream of the crop!

   And their Battle Wild Prince, who was only 16 years old, is already nine star intermediate Summoner, and not only that, his summon is one of the ‘Wuling’ mainland Purple Fire Qilin!

   He is the most talented Summoner in the past century Summoner throughout Carta continent! In Nan Yi country, at the mere mention of the Battle Wild Prince, the excited reverence that occurred could not be matched. His Royal Highness Prince is the pride of the entire south wing, ah!

    At that distance, Huang Bei Yue could feel the charged atmosphere of the Purple Fire Qilin who comes out of an insolent atmosphere. As a sacred beast with the supreme fire attribute, it was particularly arrogant.

   On its back, between the intertwined purple and red flames, a black-clad handsome boy sat upon it.     Born with a noble elegant atmosphere such that the people around him would feel in their heart that this young teenager is worthy of admiration!

    Sixteen years old, a nine star intermediate Summoner, calling out one of the ‘Wuling’ the Purple Fire Qilin…….     

As this information drifted across Huang Bei Yue’s mind, she thought this is the real genius ah.  Zhongxingpengyue, he was really favored!

(T/N Zhongxingpengyue meaning is the stars set of the moon. As in many stars(although bright) around pale in comparison to the real thing and can only set this off.)

    In comparison, the Second Miss of the Xiao family Xiao Yun’s light dimmed down immediately. Just as the gap between the dust and the moon, why did Xiao Yun not understand who could really be called a genius?

    The magnificent team was soon in front of them, frenetic bursts of flame blowing about. The mercenary group of more than twenty people stopped when they reached them. Those who could not withstand the sporadic bursts of flames released from the Purple Fire Qilin were blown back!

One of the ‘Wuling’, it was definitely a legendary animal!

   Of everyone, only Huang Bei Yue stayed cold, her black cloak whipped about, her expression calm as usual.

    That team of people noticed this strange, thin cloaked man on the roadside. Within a temporarily formed mercenary regiment, there is such a powerful, calm force?

(T/N Wuling refers to the auspicious animals in chinese folklore: phoenix, turtle, tiger, dragon. Sometimes these animals are tied to certain colors to represent elemental capabilities i.e. blue dragon, white tiger, red phoenix, black turtle.

A qilin/Kirin is sometimes included among these and is thought to be a good omen. Usually the animal is depicted with the body by fire

Can also be translated as the spiritual five

*Kirin/Qilin can also refer to a unicorn and wind spirit depending on the story but i don’t think this is the case this time. Think this.

P.s. if you’re interested in the manhwa it’s called Feng Ni Tian Xia


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