Phoenix Against The World Chapter 11 – Respect For The Strong (9)

Surrounded by purple, the cold black robed teenager also stared at Huang Bei Yue, his dark eyes flashing with a slight edge.

“His Royal Highness!”

Xiao Zhonqi suddenly rode forwards very excited, “Prince, did not think I would finally get to see you again!”

The purple fire qilin was very powerful, even if it wasn’t angry no one would dare to get too close.

The Battle Wild Prince glanced at Xiao Zhonqi with dark eyes, Xiao (father) had married Princess Wen Hui, therefore becoming an imperial family Xiao. Additionally, Xiao Zhonqi’s strength was also good as he displayed it the last time in the battle between the North and Barbarians. He (the prince) did not like families that had timid cowardly children. Xiao Zhonqi’s courage on the battlefield had left a very good impression.

“Xiao Gongzi, why are you going unarmed into the fog forest?”

(T/N Gongzi means son of so son of Xiao).

“I was ordered by my father, to enter the fog forest and look for the Biling spiritual fruit!” Being able to speak with His Royal Highness, Xiao Zhonqi excitedly blushed.

Though the mercenaries behind him were a temporary arrangement, all of them have good skill. They are egotistical and elite soldiers of fortune.  Although he was the eldest son of the Xiao Family, absolute strength is what commands respect in the Carta continent, so his identity alone cannot convince the public or them.

But as long as they see that he has a good relationship with His Royal Highness the Prince, these people will certainly serve him.

Phoenix of the Battlefield, His Royal Highness prince of Nan Yi country, on the continent of Carta was at the peak of being a genius summoner, his name was a symbol of the strong!

The ideas Xiao Zhonqi thought up with his little small mind, cannot be understood by the Battle Wild Prince, who just turned away politely. From the fog forest in the distance, there came a loud noise.

 Thud thud thud thud – !!

   Then a sudden roar.

   In just a moment, grey clouds suddenly clouded the blue sky.

    The purple fire qilin was  suddenly restless. Raising its head, it also issued a long loud roar, it seemed extremely manic!

   “It seems something went wrong, His Royal Highness the Prince, you should head back towards the palace while we go to inquire about the situation.”

   Riding an eagle spiritual beast, a middle-aged man came up from behind. On his collar, there are six stars shining with golden flame pattern. This was actually a six star Summoner!

   “It’s too early to go back to the palace, we’ll just go and see.”

   As he said that, they looked up, and saw the man in black from the mercenary group make his horse run forward into the fog forest.

His eyebrows sank, he didn’t know why but his heart actually flashed with the trace of a strange feeling, he immediately drove the purple fire qilin forward to catch up.

   The Fog forest was located in the periphery of the empire, although small, but because of the rampant war along the central mainlands border, the risk is also high.

   A General Master would never dare enter it alone.

   But Huang Bei Yue is not afraid, she had a wealth of combat experience from the past so she can accurately determine the level of risk!

   Moreover, in the animal world, she is the king!

   After being in the forest for a while, they could feel the waves of biting cold. The fog forest in front of them, had been completely frozen up completely into a world of ice!

   The horse came to a standstill in front of the ice forest as it was too timid to continue. Huang Bei Yue immediately abandoned the horse and continued approaching on foot.

   From the way her body’s blood was boiling up, she can feel, that the level of the animal that issued the roar is definitely not less than the purple fire qilin!

   The battle wild Prince rushed towards her with the purple fire qilin.

   “Come on!” The battle wild prince held out his icy hands towards Huang Bei Yue.


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