Phoenix Against The World Chapter 13 – Fiery Red Hair (1)

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In addition to being arrogant, the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird is one of the most brutal kinds of sacred beasts!

All the information in this world about the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird had quickly been transferred into Huang Bei Yue’s mind .

Her mouth turned up slightly, in the blizzard, her eyes targeting the powerful mythical beast Ice Luan Spiritual Bird!

Completing a collaboration contract? Ice Luan Spiritual Bird and humans never concluded a collaboration contract. When did she ever have to complete a collaboration contract between her and her beasts?

“Obey me, Ice Luan Spiritual Bird!”


A loud booming clack sounded, the surrounding mounds of ice shattered, a huge crack ran through the ice covering the entire forest.

A little human, dare take such liberties?

Furious, the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird released an oppressively charged air, causing the entire forest to be shrouded in fog that any approaching person would not even dare enter.

At that sound, Huang Bei Yue moved rapidly across the cracked ice, the spiritual beast’s wings shot down ice, and she sped straight through the gap, quickly heading towards the center of the fog forest – Moonset Valley!

“Trying to escape, Little girl?!” Roared the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird turned to catch up with her.


In the end wouldn’t they see who would escape?

Huang Bei Yue’s mouth quirked upwards with her usual self confidence.

The nearer she got to Moonset Valley, the compulsion in her the heart became more and more intense, closing in, she jumped off the cliff, hands open, without any extra tools, quickly falling between the high cliffs!

A huge roar sounded overhead, the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird had caught up with her, it’s wings beating, it had originally wanted to shoot her down, and break her into a million pieces!

As if she had predicted the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird’s movements, Huang Bei Yue suddenly grabbed the vines on the cliffside. Anticipating the Ice Luan Bird’s movements, Huang Bei Yue suddenly grabbed the vines on the cliff, her body swinging, until she was standing firmly against the cliff wall. She then started running, grabbing the vines to aid her as she climbed up the cliff, until she held onto a crack in the cliff gap.

Then she let go of vines, causing herself to fall!

The Ice Luan Spiritual Bird below was slammed by the soles of Huang Bei Yue’s feet as she flew down, with the huge stature of the spiritual beast, there was no way for it to turn back and fly away between the narrow cliff walls.

Huang Bei Yue landed safely on the Ice Luan spiritual bird’s head, but all this had happened in the blink of an eye!

The air surrounding it was frozen. She laid her hand, through the arctic cold air bursting from the bird, and onto it’s head.

“Again, submit to me Ice Luan Spiritual Bird!”

Innumerable amounts of black gas escaped from the palm of her hand that pierced through the hard ice, and drilled into the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird’s skull.

The beast roared –

The Ice Luan Spiritual Bird head tilted upwards, as it constantly roared at the sky. It’s emerald green eye was quickly covered by the thick black gas, then with a black flash, it quickly retreated.

The Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s magical transparent emerald pupils had become a thick dark green.

Seeing this change Huang Bei Yue revealed a satisfied smile.

When a beast caught her attention, there were only two paths.  Submit to her, or die!

Obviously this sacred beast decided to choose the former, obey!     For Summoners of this era, are not the same. Huang Bei Yue will not easily get into a collaboration contract because once the contract was bound, she the Summoner and the sacred beast’s life and death will be closely linked together.

If they’re luck wasn’t good enough, and they encounter an enemy more powerful than themselves and died, then Summoner basically had no way no or out as they would die too.  This type of uninsured deal, she Huang Bei Yue, would never do!

She took her hand slowly off the Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s head. On her bloodied palm,with large traces of frostbite, lies a piece of big black jade.


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