Phoenix Against The World Chapter 14 – Fiery Red Hair (2)

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The Beasts Without Boundaries!

If not for The Beasts Without Boundaries, then she would not gamble on trying to subdue such a powerful beast.

   There was simply no way to know, how much power the The Beasts Without Boundaries contained!

   In her time this jade has been gathering dust for a long while.

   “Master.” Once the beast decided to obey, the owner will be able to communicate telepathically, so Huang Bei Yue was already able to hear the Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s voice in her mind.

   “If I had known that master was such a powerful Summoner, I would not have resisted. Master please forgive my rudeness.”

  The Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s arrogant attitude had disappeared. At the hands of the Huang Bei Yue it spoke meekly.

   Once the sacred beast surrendered to the human, there was an absolute change of heart.

   Huang Bei Yue patted his head, since it had been subdued into being her animal, there was currently no need to hide the truth about herself, so she told the truth.

   “My body is currently very weak, I believe you can also sense it. My body only has a sliver of strength, so before I fully recover, I need you to protect me.”

The Ice Luan Spirit Bird had sensed that Huang Bei Yue’s body was empty. Since she was a Summoner of uncommon strength, he thought that Huang Bei Yue had deliberately hidden her strength. He did not really think her body had no strength.   Knowing this information the Ice Luan Spirit Bird wasn’t frustrated, for a human without the slightest strength to force it to surrender wasn’t a shameful thing, but rather, something very scary ah!

   A Summoner usually wouldn’t have the strength to force a beast if their body didn’t have power,  so the fact that she had none and yet could force him to surrender.

   That…… what an extraordinary yet horrific thought!

   If his master was powerful what then could be done? Not using her full strength yet being able to make a beast yield, throughout the ages, he had never heard of such a thing!

   “My master rest assured, I swear to protect master and keep you safe!”

   For such a powerful master, didn’t it go without saying? Of course he would follow her to death!

   Because he wanted to know, when Huang Bei Yue recovered fully, to what extent was her strength?

   Huang Bei Yue nodded, and briefly explained: “Usually you must be hidden, do not let people discover your presence, but when I call, you must come out.”

   In this strange continent,  there is danger at any time, she must always remember to give herself a way out, not being able to guard herself, it was better not to show off for the time being.

   “Yes, master.”

   “Let’s go!”

   Ice wings flapping and flying, the wings stirring up into the wind and snow, a huge Ice Luan Spirit Bird appeared over the ice forest.

   Wings spread wide, soaring up high!

   On the Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s back, there was a petite figure standing on top, wearing a black cloak, the cloak blew open, allowing the long hair like a flame to drift out!

   Huang Bei Yue was also slightly surprised, she had just found out, whenever she used The Beast Without Boundaries, her hair would suddenly become the insolently bright fiery red!

   But also her face would change, getting close to her appearance in the twenty-first century.

This change could be controlled, as long as she disconnected for the Beast Without Boundaries, she could revert to her sickly look.

In this way, it would be more convenient!

   “Your Highness, isn’t that one of the ‘Wuling’, the The Ice Luan Spiritual Bird?” The Six Star Summoner Shen Yan asked looking up at the huge Ice Luan Spiritual Bird in the sky with disbelief-


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