Phoenix Against the World Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Fiery Red Hair (3)

Shen Yan’s summoned beast was so frightened by the powerful aura of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, it immediately retreated inside the hiding space, shivering in fear, not daring to come out. Within the vicinity of the beast, with the exception of the battlefield prince’s purple fire qilin, no one dared to show up.

Too strong! A super beast who had frozen the whole fog forest, that power is simply abnormal, those who dared go against it would die!

The Battle Wild Prince’s eyes narrowed slightly, speaking telepathically to the purple fire qilin he said: “Between the two of you, who is stronger?”

“Hmph!” the purple fire qilin proudly raised his head and said, “Only if he and his contracted Summoner are stronger than you, otherwise I will not lose.”

Summoners and their beasts after concluding the contract, not only are the two linked through life and death, even their ability will be closely related.

If the Summoner is advanced in rank, then the beast will be promoted accordingly.

This is why though some spirit beasts were powerful and arrogant, they would also choose a summoner to conclude their own contract as it is more efficient. Basically equal to double the training with less work, such a big advantage was very attractive to both the beast and the summoner.

Hearing the Purple Fire Qilin’s words, the battle wild prince looked up at the red haired girl on the back of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird. Even if you could not see the appearance, from the stature that could be gleaned, she should be around eleven years of age, that young, but a Nine Star Summoner? It was vital to know, that in the entire Carta continent, the number of Nine Star Summoners were not many.

A 12-year-old Nine Star Summoner, what kind of abnormal level was that? “Hmph!” His proud heart was the exactly the same as his summoned beast, the cold hearted young man did not know when his heart had been touched.

Red hair, the same color of fire, really bright and dazzling ah … …

Shen Yan turned his head and said, “Your Highness, the Ice Luan Spirit Bird has appeared, you must tell His Majesty this news!”

Following the successful completion of the contract between His Royal Highness and the Purple Fire Qilin, one of the ‘Wuling’ the Ice Luan Spirit Bird had now also appeared in the Nan Yi country! This was great news ah!

It showed that the gods were also concerned about the Nan Yi country, this must be reported as soon as possible to His Majesty. His Majesty would probably use all of the country’s power to get the red haired girl to stay in Nan Yi country.

She is the Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s contractor ah!

Shen Yan mood was quite jubilant, if not for the fact that his spirit bird was afraid of coming out, he would immediately rush back to the palace.

“Mr. Shen, you are well-informed, are you able to see her rank?” the Battle wild prince lightly asked.

Shen Yan frowned thinking, he had been considering this problem, but he could not understand, because the red haired girl depths seemed as deep as the bottomless ocean, he he has been thinking, it simply did not allow people to see through her strength.

“I cannot see through her strength, but a six star Summoner will be able to summon a primary animal, the Ice Luan Spirit Bird is one of the ‘Wuling’. That and His Highness’ Purple Fire Qilin are at the same level. I am afraid that she is no less than a nine star ah.”

Shen Yan inferred cautiously, but it could be said that if he knew that Huang Bei Yue was now not even a one star summoner, he would immediately vomit blood and die.

Not even a star, yet able to conquer such a beast! On the whole Carta continent, only the abnormal strength of Huang Bei Yue was able to do this.

While they were still speaking, the Ice Luan Spirit Bird had landed causing large cracks on the sheet of ice, an ice wing tilted, allowing Huang Bei Yue to step down slowly.


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