Phoenix Against the World Chapter 16


Here is your dose of Her Haughty-ness Huang Bei Yue.

(Who we like to call Princess Nail Polish.😜)


Translated by: Blazaria

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Chapter 16: Fiery Red Hair [4]


    The black cloak had been pulled down to cover the face. Under the hood, strands of red hair streaming down, covering her face. Underneath it hides a stunning beauty that exudes a cold yet elegantly mysterious temperament.

   Seeing that the contract between the Ice Luan Spirit Bird and the Summoner had been concluded, Shen Yan cannot help but have respect. Without the testing assessment and just by looking behind her at the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, you could see that her strength was absolutely above his own!

   “Summoner, is it your first time coming to Nan Yi country?” Shen Yan asked with a tone of respect.

   Huang Bei Yue nodded, first time, it could be considered her first time here.

   “Summoner may I ask, your name is……” Shen Yan asked, but it was immediately followed by loud shouting.

   “Drama Days! Drama Days!”

   At first, Huang Bei Yue did not react to the name Drama Days, but thinking back during the registration at the Mercenary Trade Union where she used this name instead of her real one, did she then turn her head back at them.

   Xiao Zhong Qi led a group of mercenaries, braving the wind and snow as they rushed over with a look of excitement on everyone’s face!


   “Drama Days, it is a great honor to be part your mercenary group.” Xiao Zhong Qi said shivering. The surrounding wind and ice made it too cold, and with the Ice Luan Spirit Bird there, the temperature was extremely low.

Despite that being the case, Xiao Zhong Qi’s face was red with excitement, his eyes sparking.

  Huang Bei Yue nodded lightly as she looked at Xiao Zhong Qi, but she was laughing in her mind. If he only knew that the Summoner he was so respectful of now was actually the often bullied waste of a sister. What kind of emotions would he feel!

Being the Summoner of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird, even if she was proud and lofty to heaven, it would be forgiven!

   Therefore Xiao Zhong Qi did not have any frustration or embarrassment towards the cold treatment that Huang Bei Yue gave him, but instead he had a growing sense of excitement.

   Shen Yan afraid that this young master would be too rash, and would offend the powerful Summoner, quickly said: “Drama Days, you should come to Nan Yi Country. As an honored guest of our south country, you shall not lack for anything. Our Majesty would welcome you!”


“I have been staying in Nan Yi Country recently”. Prior to recovering her full strength. Huang Bei Yue did not want to get into any battles, after all in the Princess Household(her home), there are still a lot of things for her to settle.  

Shen Yan’s eyes lit up, “That is great!” He enthused and broke his usual reticence and glanced at His Royal Highness the Prince in excitement.

For those who have a good strength, any country will try to retain them. With frequent wars, strength is equivalent to everything!

Moreover with the power of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird’s Summoner, Nan Yi country’s military advantage will go up a notch.

“For the next Phoenix Battlefield, in behalf of Nan Yi country, I welcome you.” That their master would invite an outsider to the battlefield, it was a challenge, but also a great surprise.

Nan Yi Country had too much of a need!

Huang Bei Yue had left a favorable impression on His Royal Highness the Prince, while they were in the ice forest, he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stand the chill, so he let her sit on the Purple Fire Qilin.

Although it was their first meeting, the fact that His Royal Highness the Prince was willing to take care of her an unknown person, caused her to be most moved.   

She’d always been rich and powerful. Treat her with grace and she’d return the favor, else she would kill your family!

“Til that day, I thank His Royal Highness the Prince”, Huang Bei Yue replied bowing slightly.

One of the strong nine star Summoner had actually promised to stay. The hearts and minds of the people were slightly surprised.


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