Phoenix Against The World Chapter 17

Gather ’round y’all guys and dolls! And take heed this announcement from the BAT Continent. (ehem!)

Let it be known from here on, to far and wide, that Drama Days shall be known as Xi Tian and has been bestowed the title ‘Daren’.

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Here is the pinyin for your reference: 戏天大人

Translated by: Blazaria

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Chapter 17: Fiery Red Hair [5]

But then thinking about it, he then understood. This aloof and mysterious person, was probably just thanking him for the kind act of allowing him to ride on the Purple Fire Qilin.

It just took a little effort on his part, but the fact that this person would take it to heart, displayed the grace in their character, and he was very fond of this type of person.

“Sir, where are you staying, if I may ask?”

In the Carta continent, for those who were equal in strength, referred to each other as ‘Lord, Sir(Daren) or Your Excellency.

“I have just recently arrived in your country, and I have not yet found a place to stay.”

Huang Bei Yue had just finished replying, when on the side an excited Xiao Zhong Qi spoke: “If Xi Tian Daren doesn’t mind, you can live in my house, my father and mother would be very happy to welcome you! ”

If can he could become friends with this strong Xi Tian, his father will be very happy, and at that time, Xiao Yun that little girl will certainly be mad!

He would see if she still dared to be so arrogant!

Where his mind went, how could Huang Bei Yue not understand? My mind is still pondering the grudge against you smelly boy, how could I help you? That I did not deal with you today should be considered your good luck!

In this, she did not want to expose the real identity of Xi Tian, so how could she live long in the Princess House? (her home)

“Thank you, young master Xiao, but I am a quiet person, and do not like to be bothered.” Her tone was one of light refusal.

Xiao Zhong Qi suddenly had a look of disappointment. These masters like their peace and quiet. If he was also a Summoner how wonderful it would be ah!

Looking at the huge Ice Luan Spirit Bird, young master Xiao’s heart was full of indescribable envy and hate!

The Battle-wild Prince had wanted to invite her to live in his own home outside of the palace, but hearing the alienating tone of her reply, he did not bother to mention it.

“In this case, then how can we contact Xi Tian Daren?” Shen Yan asked, he definitely did not want to lose contact with Xi Tian Daren. When he returned to the palace to report to His Majesty, His Majesty would personally hold a banquet to welcome Xi Tian and invite many of the high ranked officials. As long as Xi Tian wanted anything, His Majesty would definitely try to meet whatever it is.

Huang Bei Yue thought, then said: “ I will often go to the mercenary trade unions, if you need something, then send someone to leave a message, when I see it I will naturally come find you”

This time the fact that this master wasn’t arrogant or had a temper, and was also willing to leave a way to be contacted can be considered very good!

Shen Yan immediately nodded: “Thanking Xi Tian Daren.”

Huang Bei Yue saw that it was getting late, she had to hurry and buy medicine for the wounded Dong Ling, but now that the mercenary task was not completed, where would she find money?

So depressing, this money thing, when necessary, a penny really stumped heroes ah!

(T/N: Metaphor for something of large difficulty not being able to be completed out because of a small issue. Also refers to a very capable person being helpless in the face of a small problem.)

When she left these people, she would take the Ice Luan Spirit Bird with her to find some ingredients for medicine.

Huang Bei Yue waved farewell to the Battle Wild Prince and the others, and turned towards the Ice Luan Spirit Bird.

“Xi Tian Daren.” Battle-wild Prince coldly said, and then from a ring brought out a palm sized green bottle and threw it over, then cooly said: “Your hand is hurt, bandage it.”

Then he left, urging the Purple Fire Qilin forward, and in the blink of an eye disappeared from the crowds view, leaving behind a burst of hot hair from the fire qilin.

Huang Bei Yue took the green bottle, hesitating slightly.

“Emerald Jade Liquid!” Exclaimed Xiao Zhong Qi, as the Xiao family’s young master, he had seen a lot of healing panacea, but this emerald jade liquid is a very precious drug, even money cannot buy it.

He had only had a glimpse of it, but really His Royal Highness The Prince, has been so generous from the start!

“Six product elixir, on the mainland it is very rare to see, ah!”


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