Phoenix Against the World Chapter 18


For those who has a sieve for a brain like me, ‘Daren‘ is a title of respect given to an expert or to superiors.


Translated by: Blazaria

Edited by: cfadmode




Chapter 18: Fiery Red Hair [6]


   Shen Yan also revealed an envious expression. He had reached the sixth-star summoner division, only then had His Majesty gifted him with a small bottle of emerald jade liquid.

   And yet His Royal Highness the Prince had gifted Xi Tian Daren, such a large bottle! Sure enough, it was clear that His Royal Highness would like to win over Xi Tian Daren ah!


   Shen Yan was also relieved, to think that he had worried that because of His Majesty the Prince has a proud heart, he was afraid that he would neglect Xi Tian Daren. Now he did not have to worry about that.

   His Royal Highness The Prince would definitely become a big player in the future!


   Huang Bei Yue did not know how precious the emerald jade liquid was, but she had seen many rare treasure in her past life, however she did not expect that the cold looking Prince would actually notice that her hand was hurt.

   That young man, unlike his appearance of not helping people, he had helped her at least twice!

   With this elixir, she did not need to worry about not having money to buy Dong Ling medicine to heal.


   “Please Mr. Shen please give the Battle-wild Prince my thanks.” Before leaving, Huang Bei Yue courteously said to Shen Yan.


   The six-star Summoner was immediately flattered, he standing on ceremony and being polite. So young and strong and as modest.  Such a summoner on this continent, has been very rare ah!


   Riding the Ice Luan Spirit Bird to leave, then leaving him in a secret place, Huang Bei Yue slowly headed towards the Princess’ Household.


   She cannot cultivate, so there is no space that could become the habitat for the soul of the Ice Luan Spirit Bird. So she can only temporarily wrong it by forcing it to find another place to rest.


   Thinking of the battlefield just now she took out the emerald jade liquid that came out of that interspatial ring. Huang Bei Yue was extremely envious. She also wanted to have an interspatial ring. The interspatial ring was equivalent to having another space. You can arbitrarily store items and in that space, time ceases. Even if food was to stored there, it will not rot.


   Unfortunately on the Carta continent, the price of the ring is too expensive. To her current self, she couldn’t even play around ah.


   Money, sure enough is still the most important thing. She needed to think of a way, to first get her hands on some money!


In modern times she had a large number of assets, and generous spending habits, suddenly being sent to ancient times and being stretched thin, she wasn’t used to it.


   She quietly entered the Princess House, broke contact with the Beasts without Boundaries, and changed back into the sick haggard Third Young Miss.


 She had gone out in the morning and it was noon now. Dong Ling had been whipped so she laid unconscious on the bed.


    Huang Bei Yue tenderly rubbed the medicine on the maid’s wounds. The emerald jade liquid was very magical. As soon as the ice-green liquid was applied to the wound, and with a speed of light, healed right before her very eyes.

  She had not seen this type of magical thing in the twenty-first century. Truly, this continent was full of incredible things everywhere!


    After dealing with her own injury, Huang Bei Yue studied the jade piece of the Beast without Boundaries. Since she got this baby, she had not carefully studied it, and did not know whether it had some great power.


   But this time, a knock sounded on the door.


  Huang Bei Yue frowned, the Flowing Cloud Pavillon generally had few people, this time who could it be?


“Third Miss, it’s Pei Xiang.” Outside the door came a careful voice.


Pei Xiang?  Recalling a bit, she remembered the maidservant’s tryst that she interrupted last night.


Huang Bei Yue went and opened the door. Outside the door was a very beautiful maidservant standing there, a cautious look and smile on her face.

“Third Miss, I know Dong Ling was injured and did not go to the kitchen for lunch, so I brought it to you.” Pei Xiang raised the basket in her hand.


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