Phoenix Against the World Chapter 19

People knows which side of their bread should be buttered. We most often than not, forget our principles because we fear what the future holds for us. Tsk, human nature. 😛

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Chapter 19: Fiery Red Hair [7]

Huang Bei Yue looked at the basket, then opened the door fully: “Come in.”

Pei Xiang was overjoyed, quickly carrying the basket into the room.

“This is food the cook made for Concubine Qin to eat. I deliberately saved some, Third Miss. Please try and see if you like it.”

Pei Xiang set the food out on the table.

Three dishes and one soup. This treatment compared to before is that of a five-star standard considering that cold bread then could be considered their best meal.

Huang Bei Yue held her chopsticks, her hand on her chin, “You stealing food, aren’t you afraid of Concubine Qin finding out?”

“Third Miss is joking, you are the master of this house.” Pei Xiang quickly kneeled down, kowtowing three times, her white forehead red, “This slave did not see right from wrong in this situation, and offended the young miss, please forgive this slave.”

Huang Bei Yue placed the chopstick in her mouth, leisurely eating, her first taste of the ancient dishes, the taste was really good, she is not afraid of Pei Xiang poisoning her, after all she wouldn’t dare even if she had ten men’s courage.

“Pei Xiang, I will care for you, since yesterday I did not kill you.”

“Yes Yes, thanking miss for not killing me!” Pei Xiang said and continue to kowtow.

“Get up,” Huang Bei Yue said, raising her hand, “there are a few things, I want to ask you.”

“Third Miss whatever the question, this slave will answer without reservation.” Pei Xiang declared loyally.

After last night’s episode, she thoroughly understood that this Third Miss was not the former cowardly and incompetent Third Miss, and later the princess household will certainly have some great changes!

Concubine Qin and her kind, in the end, were just the concubines of the master, even if in the future she became the legal wife. Third Miss was still the rightful princess, and would be the one calling the shots.

At the time the First Princess was alive, even the master did not have the right to speak, although now First Princess Hui Wen had died, she had still left behind a distinguished identity, her noble royal blood, her title as princess, as well as the the deed for the rich Southern Qinghe fief that was in the north of the main city!

Although First Princess was no longer here, there was still the Empress who kept the Third Miss in mind, allowing her to come visit the palace often, during holidays, the emperor also bestowed a lot of rewards to the First Princess’ household.

This wasn’t in an effort to give the Xiao Family face, but for the First Princess!

Before, if it wasn’t for the young Third Miss being so weak and incompetent, would Concubine Qin dare to be so arrogant?

She was beaten and scolded everyday. She was held back from succeeding and only allowed to be a small maidservant.

Since the lady was no longer cowardly, it was natural that she would regain everything that should belong to her!

Humph! It was better to follow the Third Miss early on, so that when the Third Miss took charge of the Princess’ Household, by that time, where else would she go? She was only a useless maidservant!

Those who are looking for a bright and beautiful future, Huang Bei Yue was used to seeing those type of people, so how could she not understand the girl’s thoughts?

But she did not comment for the moment, and just asked: “In recent years, mine and the First Princess’ property, who is currently managing it?”

Sure enough, the Third Miss has begun to retrieve her things!

Pei Xiang cheekily smiled, before quickly saying everything she knew about the situation.

First Princess Hui Wen was popular among the people, her fief Miyang, was composed of simple folk. Since everyone loved the First Princess, the people were industrious in the farming, so the annual tax revenue was always a large number.

And Huang Bei Yue, was the only Nan Yi country princess that had her own fief. It was the fertile southern Qinghe fief, which since ancient times held a vast land area.


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